VIDEO: Pro-Abortion Student Threatens Pro-Lifer; Says She Will “Meet Her God” at High School Walkout

Caroline Wharton - 23 May 2022
Pro-Abortion Students Deny Science
Guest post by Students for Life of America Texas Regional Coordinator Faith Elwonger

GUEST POST: When I heard that there was going to be a “Walkout for Abortion Rights” at Round Rock High School (RRHS) which is just outside of Austin, I was surprised—but I also was prepared to respond rapidly.  

I gathered my Pro-Life Generation and Standing With You signs quickly and met with other local pro-lifers in the area to make the pro-life movement’s voice known during the walkout. With signs in hand, I rushed across the school campus, and before I saw the pro-abortion protesters, I heard them.  

Slogans like “My Body, My Choice” were being chanted as some pro-abortion students stood in truck beds while others were on the ground with their signs on display. There were about 14 of these students, and they were promoting messages such as “Keep Abortion Safe and Legal,” “Reproductive Rights Are Human Rights,” and strangely but unfortunately not surprisingly, “YEET THE FETUS!” 

Pro-Abortion Students Deny Science

Just as these pro-abortion students showed no dignity for preborn life, they also screamed at the pro-lifers who were present. As I walked around passing out signs to pro-lifers, they were being rudely shouted down and screamed at by the abortion lobby.  

While some our pro-life group stayed to hold up signs for passing cars to see, a few of us approached the truck with abortion supporters to see if anyone was willing to engage in peaceful dialogue. Their leader began rapidly firing off questions at us. 

She implied that pro-lifers are responsible for fixing foster care and asked loaded questions such as, “How many kids have you adopted,” and “Why do women have to be incubators?” Many pro-abortion protestors like to ask “trick questions,” but the heart of the matter is that being pro-life is morally uncomplicated. You don’t need to solve every issue in the foster care system to say life is valuable from the moment of conception to natural death.  

(Click HERE to learn why the foster care argument is morally wrong and factually incorrect.) 

When one of the pro-abortion students was particularly angered after a member of the pro-life community said she would pray for her, the student threateningly replied that if the pro-lifer didn’t leave, she would give her a reason to meet her god. Watch the video below:

I stepped away to talk to a few girls in the group who were on the side and to put distance from a conversation that was turning into a screaming match. The pro-abortion students continued to list random points to try and help their case, but they struggled with allowing the other side to voice their opinion. I had to ask several times if I could continue my points as I was consistently interrupted. Self-convinced that the pro-life position stood solely on religious beliefs, the pro-abortion students ignored my scientific position of when life begins and insisted that the science was “just my belief.” 

Yes, I do believe in science—I wish I could say the same about the abortion lobby.  

I eventually realized that these students did not even know what happens in an abortion. They agreed that they’d be okay with me explaining abortion to them so I did—starting with late-term abortions and finishing with Chemical Abortion pills. I was surprised when they didn’t flinch at how gruesome abortions are and that they asserted that abortions committed at nine months gestation should be permissible because the “fetus resides in the woman’s body.” 

Pro-Abortion Students Deny Science

I was heartsick that these pro-abortion students didn’t care. When I informed them that the babies who are aborted just days away from their birth are injected with digoxin (the same chemical which is used for criminals on death row) and can feel the pain of the induced heart attack, they were totally unphased. 

As I tried to continue the conversation, they started to insist that they had to get back to class, but by the time they left, I had repeated multiple times, hoping that if they ever find themselves in unexpected pregnancies, they would go to Students for Life of America’s (SFLA) resource for help instead of aborting their child.  

Once they left, I noticed that the truck full of abortion supporters was parading back and forth on the street to show off several bright pink messages including, “No Uterus, No F*cking Opinion” and “Stop Telling Women What to do with Their Bodies.” Other crude messages, along with a coat hanger, were featured. 

Pro-Abortion Students Deny Science

While my interactions with the abortion supporters were extremely disappointing that day, I was encouraged when a pro-life woman stopped me to let me know that her daughter, an RRHS student, was interested in starting a SFLA group on campus. Hearing this and learning that many more RRHS students want to become a part of the Pro-Life Generation was extremely uplifting. 

My hope is that something from our conversations outside of RRHS will stick with the pro-abortion students and give them hope in the future so that they don’t believe that abortion is the only solution to unplanned pregnancies—and if they need a reminder, the future SFLA group at RRHS will help them.

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