#Why Feminists Exclude Certain Women from their Movement

Brenna Lewis - 09 Apr 2020

Ever ask #Why feminists exclude some women from their movement?

Be the first to watch the new episode of our video series, #Why, with Rebecca Gosper from LifeChoice Australia to find your answer.

Today’s feminists don’t care about women. How could they when they turn a blind eye to abortion – both its impacts and its victims.

Feminists attack women simply for being pro-life. They use buzzwords like “empowerment” and “women’s rights” to convince the world that they are pro-woman. In reality, they cast out the women who are hurting as a result of of these “choices.” They say babies conceived in rape shouldn’t exist and that these mothers from rape will be helped by abortion, adding trauma to trauma. They say people with disabilities are better off dead.

There is only one group in this fight that is truly empowering women and fighting for the rights of every female. It’s the pro-life community. 

Is today’s feminist movement really pro-women?

Watch now to find out #Why feminists exclude certain women from their movement. 

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