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Pro Tip for Groups: The Personality Test
  Written in collaboration with Georgia Gallagher SO you’re part of the pro-life student group on your campus. Maybe you’re
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2018 National Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity
  On Tuesday October 16th, 2018, students from all across the nation will give up their voices in solidarity with
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Students for Life Condemns Abuse Of School Resources To Fund Abortions in California
Students for Life of America Calls California Assembly Vote to Put Dangerous, Life-ending Drugs on College Campuses “a tragic misuse
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It’s a Wrap: #Justice4Life Tour
  When Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement, the entire pro-life movement held our breath. For decades there has not
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Pro-Lifer Finds Her Faith During SFLA Van Tour
  A few weeks ago, Students for Life staff and students embarked on the #Justice4Life van tour around the country
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Killing the Preborn Isn’t Enough?
  There are people walking around, ordering Starbucks, seeing movies, maybe even scrapbooking… who think it’s totally fine to kill
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