Pro-Choice Councilwoman Wants To Stop Pro-Lifers From Publicly Praying Outside Abortion Facilities

Brenna Lewis - 14 Feb 2020

A pro-choice councilwoman in Spokane, Washington has drafted legislation to try to shut down public prayer events outside of Planned Parenthood. She claims it covers all healthcare facilities, but it’s unknown why people would be publicly praying for an end to knee surgeries or wisdom teeth removal. reports, “Lori Kinnear’s proposed ordinance would make it illegal for someone to intentionally interfere with access to a health care facility, or its normal day-to-day operations.Kinnear told 4 News Now even though she was inspired to draft the law after attending a protest outside Planned Parenthood, her ordinance does not target any building in particular — she said it’s meant to cut down on noise that can be disruptive for patients and their providers.”

But while she claims it’s not about Planned Parenthood, Kinnear also stated, “Witnessing 200 plus people outside of a facility — it’s disheartening but it’s also intimidating.” Why? What bothers you? People standing up for human rights?

Of course, there’s another reason pro-choicers do not like public prayer and other forms of peaceful assembly outside of abortion facilities; they lead to a reduction in abortion. One abortion facility staffer said, “No one wants to drive up to their doctor’s office and see over 100 people standing outside.”

The ACLU has said it strongly supports free-speech, but lately, it has been co-opted by its support for abortion. It will be interesting to see where they stand on this issue.

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