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Keeping Up With Abortion
By Camille Rodriguez, SFLA’s Southern California Regional Coordinator There was a time when I didn’t miss an episode of Keeping
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Abortion harms women: what pro-abortion groups never told me
Ally Bowlin, SFLA’s National Programs Coordinator A decision that is supposed to empower you, shouldn’t leave you with a lifetime
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(VIDEO) Police Officer Silences Free Speech Rights Of Students
On Monday, October 30, a group of pro-life students from Virginia, including Christendom College and George Mason University, were sidewalk
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Wilberforce Fellows Story: Running For Pregnancy Resource Centers
I’m Esther Edwards and this year I have been given the incredible opportunity of being a part of the Wilberforce
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Answering ‘pro-birth, not pro-life’ criticism
By Autumn Lindsey, SFLA Students Spokesman I was recently at Western Washington University during the Abortion is Violence display. We
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Students for Life To Protest Outside of Women’s Convention on Saturday
Not all women will be welcomed in Detroit this Saturday at the Women’s Convention, a product of the controversial Women’s March
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When will this stop?
Last week, Students for Life at Miami University (OH) tabled with a display, titled “When Do Human Rights Begin?”. Vandals
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Northern Kentucky University Pro-Life Students Demand Solutions From School
Vandals destroy crosses made by Eagle Scout On Sunday, October 22nd, vandals at Northern Kentucky continued what has become a
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National Pro-Life Student Leader Takes Debate on the Truth about Feminism and Abortion to Ivy Leagues, Kicking Off the Tour
“Women’s interests in an integrated, successful life have been reduced to abortion by aging, second-wave feminists who fail to work
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Students for Life Group told their message does not promote ‘sex positivity’
Baldwin Wallace Allies, an LGBTQ group at Baldwin Wallace University,  Methodist college in Ohio, has denied a request for the school’s pro-life
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