Almost Aborted: Josiah’s Story

Jordan Estabrook - 18 Jun 2024

Josiah Presley is the survivor of a first trimester abortion.  

As a crucial part of Students for Life of America’s (SFLA) six-figure national messaging campaign, ALMOST ABORTED, Pressley bravely shared is almost aborted story alongside other courageous individuals, including Faith and Rebecca. Presley’s story is one that abortion supporters don’t want to discuss, because there is LIFE in the first trimester and then there’s Pressley, an abortion survivor, who’s willing to share why his life, and others aborted in the first trimester, matter.  


Presley’s birth mother went to get an abortion in her first trimester in South Korea. A few weeks after thinking she had “terminated her pregnancy,” she realized the abortion had failed and her child was still alive. At this point, she miraculously decided to have her baby and give him up for adoption. Presley was born with a deformed left arm due to the abortion attempt and adopted into a family in the United States.  

“My identity is not found in how other view me,” said Presley during this video. “But in Jesus who sees me for who I am.” 


It wasn’t until 13-years-old when his parents told him the truth about his mom’s botched abortion, and how three months later, she found out she was still pregnant and made the courageous decision to choose life.  

Though some would think he’s “better off” aborted, Presley is married with a child and helps others their worth through his journey.  

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