Pushing Casual Sex Has Long-Term Ramifications – Societal Health Decline and Plummeting Birth Rates  

Jordan Estabrook - 13 Jun 2024

The rise of modern feminism and sexual liberation has led to severe consequences for humans – that is, maintaining its replacement rate.   

Abortion, birth control, condoms, and STD medication – the media has been swirling not just about abortion but about everything reproductive and how to “protect” oneself in the event of, but not limited to, casual sexual interaction. Sexual protection includes the “right” to contraceptives, pushed by Sen. Manning and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer. Now, STI pills, the morning-after pill for sexually transmitted diseases, are being pushed by the Center for Disease Control (CDC). While abortion advocates promote “safe sex,” the safest sex of all within marriage is declining, and so is the birth rate.   

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People in the U.S. feel far removed from declining birth rates. After all, we’re no China with a one-child (now two-child) policy and sex-selective abortion. Nor are we Japan. However, our plummeting birth rate is becoming more difficult to ignore. It’s slowly crept up in the last fifty years until now, as they’re staring at Americans directly.   

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The Washington Post reported, “The U.S. birthrate has generally fallen below replacement level — the fertility level needed for one generation to replace itself — since 1971.”  

According to the CDC, Tennessee and North Dakota were the only states with marginally increased birth rates. California, the state with some of the most extreme abortion policies, including abortion up to nine months and even infanticide, is seeing the most significant birth decrease at 5%. And now, officials are worried about how this will affect the economic market and growth, specifically in education.   

“In the short term, having fewer births means lower state costs for services such as subsidized day care and public schools at a time when aging baby boomers are straining resources,” wrote Tom Henderson of the Daily Montanan. “But eventually, the lack of people could affect workforces needed both to pay taxes and to fuel economic growth.”  

It’s not just in the United States. European countries like Finland are finding that their birth rates are declining due to an increase in contraception, which, according to Reuters, includes a 66% decrease in abortion.   

STDs in America have skyrocketed. The CDC reports that in 2022, syphilis cases have increased by 80% in the last five years, and an additional 2.5 million cases of sexually transmitted diseases were reported. England reported, according to The Guardian, that “With gonorrhea, the rate of diagnosis has increased in 97% of council areas since 2017, while 71% have seen increases in cases of syphilis over the same period, according to figures based on analysis of data from the office for health disparities by the Local Government Association (LGA).”  

And where exactly is the focus of these world leaders and large health organizations? It’s not fixing the declining birth rate. “Reproductive rights” is their hill to die on. Schumer wants taxpayers to foot the bill for contraceptives. Instead of recommending the safest sex, only having one life partner, the CDC put the stamp of approval on prophylactic antibiotics to reduce STIs. Most evidently, it’s abortion extremist politicians and entities, including Planned Parenthood, offering and pushing abortion every chance they get.   

It’s not merely about providing ways to have “safe sex” – it’s also being ready to propose abortion when it goes “wrong.”  

This model of sexual behavior in a society is antithetical to a thriving one with well-adjusted and contributing citizens. Morals influence thoughts, and thoughts affect behavior. If our morals, as a nation, are geared towards sex being a mere pleasure-seeking activity, regardless of the health and moral consequences, there will be real and practical consequences to the workforce and the fruitfulness of life. The outcry for more abortion access brought forth by millions of U.S. citizens is a clear indication of where our morals lie, or rather, what they’re built upon.   

Notably, it wasn’t until the 70s after Roe v. Wade was put into effect and Former President Richard Nixon signed the Title X Family Planning Program that birth control and STDs spread like wildfire, and as a result, America’s birth rate has decreased since then. Sexual “freedom” has never been more available, but that wide open door allowed in more than a nice breeze.   

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There is a twist on the idea of freedom when it comes to sexual actions. We have a choice about how we choose to act sexually, whether it’s morally corrupt or not. But that freedom has consequences, good or bad. From the wrong choices of freedom, children are conceived and aborted; women are raped, diseases are passed, and marriage declines. True freedom from the consequences of right and wrong turns society into chaos and shakes the very foundation on which it was built.   

A large society’s smooth functioning depends on its smallest units: families—thousands upon thousands of families. When those families break down, society does as well.   

So, if a society depends on whole nuclear families, what do families rely on to remain alive?   


It must be a commitment—a commitment between a man and a woman, a commitment to trust, love, and remain faithful, regardless of the circumstances.   

The rise in contraception and STI medications for casual flings show society has gone in the opposite direction.  

The political elites among us are more focused on furthering and using taxpayer money to encourage casual sex through contraception, STI medication, and, most tragically, abortion.   

We’ve undercut our societal flourishment by killing off our population through literally death and moral decay. At this rate, we’ll have more STDs in America than children.  

The short interaction of casual sex has long-term consequences. It’s time to value life again and the moral virtues of commitment, trust, and faithfulness that hold life together.  

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