“I Scooped My Baby Out of the Toilet and Kept it in a Box for Years:” Girl Recounts the Horrors of Her Coerced Toilet Bowl Abortion 

Savannah Craven - 24 May 2024

Recently, Students for Life of America (SFLA) Northeast Regional Coordinator Penelope Rose and I hosted the Defund Planned Parenthood Display at Albany City Hall in New York, one of the abortion capitals in our country. At 24 weeks (about 5 and a half months) of life, innocent preborn babies can be legally killed.  

The morning started out calmly, but that would soon be short lived. Many people passed by saying they knew about Planned Parenthood and loved their work. One man from Montreal said abortion is always wrong in Islam but didn’t know Planned Parenthood ended so many lives every day. Another woman bragged about the fact that she lobbies for Planned Parenthood and told me, “If I ever stopped her 19-year-old daughter from getting an abortion, she would fight me to the death.” She supported abortion through birth, she added.  

As the curses, yelling and hatred were spouted on us, one quiet young woman stood out. As we were talking to one man, I noticed her looking at our signs from the corner of my eye.  

About 20 minutes later, she came over and said, “It’s terrible what they’re doing, you know.”  

I asked her if she was referring to Planned Parenthood, and she replied, “Yes, and believe me I’ve had my fair share (of abortions), but what they’re doing isn’t good.”  

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I agreed and shared that over 1,026 abortions a day are committed by Planned Parenthood alone. She paused for a moment and started to tell me that she attended a detention center in the Bronx when she was younger. She recalled the staff bringing her to a Planned Parenthood for an abortion and that it was the “most painful experience of her life.”  

What she revealed next shattered my soul.  

She told me that with one of her abortions through Chemical Abortion Pills, she watched her dead baby fall into the toilet and she remembers the facility worker telling her to flush it, but she just couldn’t.  

“I scooped the baby out of the toilet and kept it in a box for years. It was only 10 or 11 weeks old, but it was a whole baby: It was fully formed. They lied to me. And when I went to the clinic to get an implant in my arm so I couldn’t get pregnant for like five years, I told them about it, (the baby) and they said they could take it, but I said no.”  

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She said this with tears forming in her eyes. I asked her why she thinks they said they can take the baby, and she said, “I think they do things with them… like experiments.” 

I was just shocked. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. We often say at SFLA that abortion not only takes an innocent life, but deeply harms mothers. Not only that, but Planned Parenthood is willing to sacrifice the health of women and the life of children to pad their bottom line. When I heard this story, it only solidified what I already knew. I truly felt I was meant to meet this girl. After consoling her, I told her there’s forgiveness. At first, she didn’t believe it could be possible.  

“I believe in God 100%,” she told me. “But how can God forgive me when you continue to do things that are wrong, and know it’s wrong, but keep doing it?”  

“Because we are human beings; we can’t quite comprehend how someone would want and be able to keep forgiving them when they do horrible things purposely,” I continued. “However, God is all-powerful. No matter how many times we disobey or reject Him, He still loves us and will forgive us. The most important thing now is to forgive yourself.” As she was heading out, she left with hopes of working on forgiveness. With that, our conversation was done.  

I feel so blessed that this young girl felt comfortable to open to us about such a traumatic experience. She is just one example of what the abortion industry does to women.  

They lie to you, use you and when they get what they want, they are done with you.  

There is no help, compassion or love with abortion.  

They are best at taking advantage of uninformed, vulnerable women.  

Thankfully, there is a solution. The pro-life movement is on the ground ready to assist women in crisis. You don’t have to choose between your life and your baby’s life. SFLA has a resource portal, Standing with You, that has over 4,300 free resources across the country. I pray that this young lady finds healing and can forgive herself from the guilt that so many women who experience abortion often feel. The Defund Planned Parenthood Display has touched countless lives this school year and I’m looking forward to bringing this back to campus in the fall. 

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