NOMINATED FOR BEST STANDING WITH YOU GROUP: Arizona State University Students for Life 

Paige Farquhar - 22 May 2024

As the 2023-2024 academic year ends, Students for Life of America (SFLA) will be awarding groups with Best New Group, Best High School Group, Best College Group, and Best Standing With You Group distinctions – and you get to help us choose which groups deserve these awards. Arizona State University (ASU) Students for Life is nominated for Standing With You Group of the Year for their service to mothers and their children in the community during the 2023-2024 school year. Read about their accomplishments below to decide if they will receive your vote: 

Arizona State University has a powerful and active group despite being on a very pro-abortion university campus. This year marks their 13th consecutive year as an official Students for Life of America (SFLA) group on campus. ASU Students for Life has nearly tripled its membership this year, with 50 group members total and 20 active members attending at least one event per month. The students often volunteer with local pregnancy resource centers, pray at abortion clinics, and work with mobile centers to bring free STD testing and women’s health care to ASU’s campus.  

Phoenix Women’s Clinic was grateful to ASU Students for Life. for promoting their fundraiser Laugh4Hope. The group also tables regularly on campus to spread awareness about pregnancy resource centers and actively participates in Phoenix Women’s Clinic’s “Impact Day,” during which they will volunteer at multiple local pregnancy resource centers.   

ASU Students for Life even hosted Sammie Carel, an educator at the Phoenix Women’s Clinic, for a talk and demonstration on live ultrasounds. They also hosted Carol Carnese, regional coordinator of Silent No More, a campaign that aids women in search of healing after their abortions. Accomplishments like these showcase the group to be very service driven at its core, a characteristic that is vital to the success of pro-life groups.   

In addition to service-oriented events, ASU Students for Life also focused on apologetics and activism during the 2023-2024 school year. They partnered with Abortion Dialogue Academy, a nonprofit that surveys students on campus and gives them a seven minute pro-life argument. Students uncomfortable with tabling found these surveys and training helpful in developing their pro-life apologetic skills.

Excluding their numerous ADA trainings, the group hosted five pro-life talks, two of which were additional apologetics trainings open to the entire student body and another centered around understanding pro-life legislation in Arizona proposed by an Arizona House representative. This event was crucial due to the controversy surrounding the state’s past and current pro-life legislation, and the students who attended were able to gain insight into the political side of the pro-life movement.   

ASU Students for Life members dove headfirst into pro-life activism this school year as well. The group prayed the Rosary outside Tempe’s Planned Parenthood location, making it clear to onlookers that young faces are at the front of the pro-life movement. They also hosted a “Decline to Sign” talk to teach students how to discourage voters from signing the Abortion Access Amendment. If passed, this proposed amendment would legalize abortion up until the moment of birth in the state. Since then, countless students have been seen across campus dissuading people from signing the initiative and educating signature gatherers from the opposing side.  

The following year, ASU Students for Life plans to partner with the mobile clinic again, organize additional item drives, and continue volunteering with pregnancy resource centers in the community.  

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