Pittsburgh News Outlet Thinks Kristan Hawkins Spreads Harmful Rhetoric: Meanwhile, They Spotlight Group with Creepy Van Offering Abortion Help and Baked Goods 

Jordan Estabrook - 19 Apr 2024

Kristan Hawkins’ final tour spring 2024 stop of “No Abortions, No Exceptions” at the University of Pittsburgh brought some interesting, yet not surprising, mischaracterizations, as well as opportunities to change the hearts and minds of Pitt students.  

The Pitt News opened their article by stating, “While Kristan Hawkins was spreading ‘harmful rhetoric’ about reproductive rights at the Turning Point USA event on Wednesday, according to Alexa Pierce, student organizations gathered in the Student Office of Sustainability to distribute information and resources and to educate students.” 

Pro-abortion protesters across the street.

While we’ve partnered with Turning Point USA in the past and were invited to speak by Turning Point at Pitt, we are Students for Life of America (SFLA), committed to saving babies, empowering women, and abolishing women, which was not stated in the article.  

Now setting that aside, as Hawkins’ tabling and speech was taking place, pro-abortion groups were hard at work. The Pitt News referenced pro-abortion organizations Student Government Board, Planned Parenthood Generation Action at Pitt, the Pitt chapter of Amnesty International and SAFE at Pitt, and quoted two students from the Pittsburgh Abortion Access Network (PAAN).  

PAAN is the same organization with a creepy red van with a sign stating: “We Will Aid and Abet Abortion” as seen on their social media

“I think that we wanted to do something different that maybe hadn’t been done before for the previous speakers,” said PAAN Student Alexa Pierce to The Pitt News. “We just wanted to work with the groups that were down to plan something.” 

While handing out Plan B and condoms isn’t new, doing it from a sketchy van, as well as selling baked goods, may qualify.  

We’ve discussed in the past how irresponsible it is to hand out abortifacients, especially on a public campus where people of all ages walk around or wherever children could be present.  

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As these type of student organizations was advocating for abortion as an easy fix for rape of sexual assault, Hawkins advocated that both women and preborn children get access to life and truly helpful resources that give women help and proper counseling to heal.   

Hawkins tabled outside the O’Hara Student Center, exchanging discourse with students and defending the pro-life cause. As with all the other schools, her message was met with yelling, protests, and unruly students unwilling to have a civil conversation.  

One student knelt at Hawkin’s feet and began to write messages on the ground in chalk advertising PAAN’s bake sale.

Although some of these students approached Hawkins to speak to her, their speech often turned into senseless screaming.   

As she arrived at the speaking venue, she was greeted by a large, loud group of protestors across the street. Though there was plenty of screaming outside, inside the venue Kristan delivered her speech to an attentive crowd defending the idea of no abortions, no exceptions.   

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