SHOCKING (But Not Really): Puberty Blockers are Unsafe – Will Planned Parenthood Stop Sterilizing Children?  

Jordan Estabrook - 16 Apr 2024

As a shock to no one with common sense and those here at Students for Life of America (SFLA), an independent UK study revealed prescribing puberty blockers is based on hardly any evidence, strongly warning they do more harm than good. And now, Planned Parenthood may be held accountable in their part of sterilizing children.  

As reported by The DailyWire, “Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) will review all transgender medical treatment in the wake of a highly-anticipated review that found such treatment is built on ‘weak evidence.’” 

The independent review surrounding how children with gender identity issues are treated found the evidence for such care to be “shaky” and for doctors to be “extremely cautious” prescribing care to minors. That “care” includes cross-sex hormones, which some have reported is not medically gate kept and easy to obtain through a 30-minute appointment.  

But what do transgenderism and abortion have in common? Planned Parenthood – and they like to go where the money is.  

Their website includes a “Gender Affirming Care” subpage which reads, “Planned Parenthood believes you deserve high-quality, compassionate health care — no matter your gender identity. Most of our health centers provide hormone therapy and other gender-affirming services for transgender and nonbinary patients.” 

Listed as their services are estrogen and anti-androgen hormone therapy, testosterone hormone therapy, puberty blockers, surgery referrals, social and legal transition support, among other things.  

If there’s a government sponsored effort to chemically castrate or surgically mutilate a child, that is a form of coercion at the highest level.  

We’ve covered before that Planned Parenthood encourages transgenderism in children by propagating the idea that these drugs and surgeries are safe through kids cartoons and condom coloring books, which doesn’t include the services listed above. 

Missouri is taking serious actions to investigate Planned Parenthood. Newsmax reports that “Missouri GOP Attorney General Andrew Bailey, in an interview with Newsmax on Saturday, accused Planned Parenthood of being a ‘cult of death and destruction’ and detailed a state investigation into transgender clinics, alleging gender mutilation and child abuse.” This is after a February 2023 whistleblower came forward with credible allegations regarding child mutilation and child abuse at a St. Loius facility.  

Bailey added that Planned Parenthood was resistant to oversight and transparency in medical care, stating, “You know, for an organization that claims to be about patient health care, they sure do resist any kind of oversight or transparency.” 

It’s hard to be transparent when “sexual from birth” is an idea from John Money, a sexual abuser, regurgitated by Bill Taverner, director of Planned Parenthood’s Center for Sex Education. As SFLA President Kristan Hawkins noted in a DailyWire op-ed, “Taverner’s comments are not outside the mainstream of Planned Parenthood, however. One media outlet noted that Planned Parenthood’s sexual education pamphlet called ‘Fundamentals of Teaching Sexuality’ states that ‘sexuality is a part of life through all the ages and stages.’ The pamphlet continues, ‘Babies, elders, and everyone in between can experience sexuality.’” 

It’s not at all surprising that Planned Parenthood could be breaking the law. Not reporting abuse, as a Planned Parenthood Director openly stated

“In some cases. I have to report it (sexual abuse) to the police.”  

As if doing the right thing is a chore.  

For Planned Parenthood, it is when not reporting sexual abuse and breaking the law makes money. Since 1993, they’ve made $10.35 billion dollars – and that’s just taxpayer money. It’s not a far stretch to think they wouldn’t report child abuse when minors seek chemical castration. And allegedly, Planned Parenthood is still handing out Chemical Abortion Pills, despite the Arizona Supreme Court holding up the 1864 abortion law.  

Will the abortion giant and chemical castrater Planned Parenthood be held accountable? SFLA will always demand accountability, defunding, and debarring of Planned Parenthood and other abortion facilities nationwide.  

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