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Arizona Christian University Named March 2024 Group of the Month 

Jordan Estabrook - 28 Mar 2024

Arizona is a battleground for abortion. There are passionate people on both sides fighting for “women’s rights” or the right to life for the pre-born. College campuses harbor some of the most avid fighters for both groups.  

At Arizona Christian University, the culture of life shines throughout the entire campus as students and faculty show their support for all matters pro-life. Although this university is small, Students for Life at Arizona Christian University is full and impactful.  

The biggest battle in Arizona remains the fight against the terrifying ballot referendum that could plague Arizona and make it a haven for unrestricted abortion access. The group got right to work. President AnnaKate Sheehan organized a whole week of events dedicated to honoring the preborn called Sanctity of Life Week. Their activities included:  

  • Pro-life T-shirt Day 
  • Chalk day 
  • Baby item drive for the local PRC 
  • Unplanned Showing 
  • Pro-life tabling fair 
  • ADA speaking panel 
  • Prayer walk outside Planned Parenthood 
  • Students for Life training.  

Another activity on campus included hosting a prayer tree. They provided paper squares and string so faculty, staff, and students could write their prayer and hang it on the tree outside the Student Development Building. 

Recently, the whole school was involved with honoring and defending life. Even the entire football team even came out to chalk! 

The group then hosted our spring tour which addressed abortion extremism that could be on the 2024 ballot. This opened the door to educating many students on campus about the ballot referendum. The student interest and involvement only grew after hosting the tour. Soldiers for Life got over 30 students from their school to attend the March for Life AZ, and around half of those students participated in Decline to Sign efforts. 

After the March for Life AZ, students from Arizona Christian University joined with a couple of other colleges to educate voters on the ballot referendum. Although standing and marching in the hot Phoenix sun tires people, these students were energized and ready to educate voters. This group knocked on around seventy doors after the march, had several conversations, and were able to encourage all the people they talked to not to sign anything for the ballot referendum.  

“We feel so honored and encouraged to be chosen as the March Group of the Month,” expressed AnnKate. “We are so blessed to have the support of faculty and staff on campus, which we know is not the norm. We will continue to make the most of our unique opportunity to fight for life, the unborn, and their families!” 

This group has so much passion and continues to plan events and give their all to fight against the injustice of abortion. 

Congratulations to Students for Life at ACU! 

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