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TikToker Chose Life from Rape, Joining Kristan Hawkins on Her Spring Campus Speaking Tour 

Jordan Estabrook - 19 Mar 2024

Abortion fanatics’ favorite line of defense to whip out is, “But what about cases of rape and incest?”  

Students for Life of America President Kristan Hawkins is no stranger to this line of questioning. With her upcoming Spring Campus Speaking Tour, “No Abortion, No Exceptions,” she’s invited special guests who’ve made a real dent in the culture for life. One of them is Angela Harders, who’s TikTok video grew popularity when she shared the story of how she chose to keep her daughter who was conceived in rape.

Many people believe in abortion exceptions. In 2023, 51% of people agree abortions should be legal in ‘certain’ circumstances while 34% think abortions should be legal under any circumstance. Abortion for rape and incest.  Adverse diagnosis tends to fall into the “certain circumstances” category. Many people, including college students, believe abortion will alleviate the pain mothers will experience raising a child with special needs or who’s a reminder of a traumatic event. The argument goes even further to eliminate children if they might suffer in the foster care system. Kristan Hawkins has experienced this one too many times on campus speaking tours. As Kristan usually says, “You don’t eliminate suffering by ending the sufferer.” 


Angela Harders said no to abortion over nine years when she found she was pregnant from rape. The decision came with mental wrestling and two life-changing phone calls – one to a Pregnancy Care Center and the other to Planned Parenthood.   

“Two days before my (Planned Parenthood) appointment, I called a pregnancy center a couple states away,” explained Harders. “When the lady answered the phone, I couldn’t even speak. She let me cry, and she just said, ‘oh honey. I’m here on the phone with you whenever you’re ready.’” 


While the Pregnancy Care Center responder encouraged her and gave her hope, Planned Parenthood tried to convince her that her child was a problem to be solved through death, not a child to be loved no matter the circumstances. 

“She (Planned Parenthood worker) knew that I was a Christian because that’s something I shared with her when I booked the appointment in the first place.” explained Angela. “She said, ‘Angela, you know if you go through with this, you will never be able to travel again or be a missionary, or any of those other things that you said you wanted to do. We can take care of this problem for you.” 

Planned Parenthood, among other abortion activists, use rape, incest, and other exceptions to justify and encourage abortion since the preborn baby is a “problem.” They carry this logic into abortion reasons, such as:  

  • Too young to care for a child.  
  • Not financially ready.  
  • Just don’t want a kid.  

And the list goes on to justify killing a child. The child they brand as a problem is one of life’s greatest joys, as Angela discovered.  

“My daughter is no problem. She is the greatest joy of my life,” she said. “And I will forever be grateful to the stranger on the other line from a random pregnancy center in New York who told me I could do it.” 

Abortion doesn’t heal the trauma of rape, nor does it ease the grief of an adverse diagnosis. Rather, choosing life for a child can bring healing, though diametrically opposite to what one might think. Angela found healing and peace in her decision and hopes to spread the message this spring with Kristan Hawkins.  

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She’ll be joining Kristan on Thursday, March 21, at James Madison University and Thursday, April 4, at University of Georgia.  

For more details, read the tour schedule HERE.  

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