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YouTube Gets Called Out by Pro-Life AGs For Their Misleading Video Labels About Abortion

Jordan Estabrook - 08 Mar 2024

YouTube’s attempt to be informative may have bitten them in the rear.  

With the trending practice of correcting any misleading information online, YouTube makes sure to correct their content creators and give “context” if their message doesn’t align with the mainstream narrative.  

Turns out, YouTube’s the one that needs correction.  

Sixteen attorneys general from multiple different states demanded YouTube remove misleading video labels about abortion attached to pro-life videos. According to The Christian Post, “the attorneys general argued that the information panels the company included below videos on the popular video-sharing platform ‘misleads women seeking information about abortion drugs, potentially endangering their lives.’” 

The one specifically mentioned is a video by Alliance Defending Freedom of a woman sharing her chemical abortion experience. The AG’s argued that the generic abortion information label stating abortions are performed by a healthcare professional doesn’t reflect the reality of chemical abortions. With the rise of Chemical Abortion Pills, more than half of abortions take place at home with no medical professional present unless another resident, their dog, or cat has a medical degree.  

“Although surgical abortions are still typically ‘done by a licensed healthcare professional,’ under current FDA protocols chemical abortions are ‘done by’ pregnant women themselves…YouTube’s false notice is not supported by any reliable source,” the letter reads. “The National Library of Medicine webpage to which the notice links does not discuss who performs abortion procedures, let alone state that licensed healthcare professionals do.” 

Often, women abort their babies alone sitting on the toilet and flushing them down the toilet. What’s left over are severe physical and mental side effects, such as blood clots, shaking, fever, PTSD, depression, and the horrifying list continues. If women need medical help, they go to the emergency room or hospital, and many women who take Chemical Abortion Pills often do as proven by the Charlotte Lozier Institute.  

The letter starts with a crucial point:  

It is never appropriate for technology companies to mislead consumers. One of our country’s most cherished traditions is the freedom to speak and express ourselves in the marketplace of ideas. As Americans increasingly rely on the internet and social media, we have repeatedly urged technology companies, including Alphabet, to operate in the spirit of honesty and transparency.”  

The strategy of misleading is a part of the abortion industry’s game. They thrive off hiding and misrepresenting reality. They change terms, use euphemisms like “reproductive healthcare” and completely ignore other important terms like “fetal heartbeat.” They prop up women who’s had abortion as happy and empowering. They insist women need abortion to be successful. They even say abortion is safer than childbirth.  

These are common reasonings pro-abortion activists use. This one YouTube might not be able to get away with. Could this be a step towards accountability from the pro-abortion, mainstream media?  

We’ll see.  

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