In Fox News Op-ed, SFLA’s Kristan Hawkins and Kristi Hamrick Slam Biden’s Environmental Gas Stove Initiative While Ignoring Chemical Abortion Pills

Jordan Estabrook - 07 Mar 2024

In an op-ed recently published by Fox News, Students for Life of America President Kristan Hawkins and Vice President of Media and Policy Kristi Hamrick slam Biden’s lack of environmental initiative to include medical waste as babies are flushed down the toilet after chemical abortions.  


The op-ed titled “Forget gas stoves. The big polluter is in Biden’s backyard” states: 

“Neither hospitals nor brick-and-mortar abortion vendors may legally flush medical waste into our wastewater. Failure to handle medical waste properly can be prosecuted. But by expanding abortion-by-mail into dorms, apartments and homes across America, Biden’s FDA allows that to occur as mothers having an abortion are encouraged to sit on their toilets and flush the ‘pregnancy tissue’ i.e. chemically tainted blood, placenta tissue and their deceased child down the drain.” 

Biden and the FDA’s push to make Chemical Abortion Pills more accessible through mail-in pills and drugstores like Walgreens and CVS raise serious environmental concerns. Hawkins and Hamrick note that “Chemical abortion pills are now estimated to be used to commit more than half of all abortions, the remains of which are creating potential environmental harms, as NIH-published studies from other nations report.”  

The question of how flushing increasing amounts of medical waste and “forever chemicals,” also known as PFAS, impacts the environment remains. 

SFLA not only sounded the alarms, but also acted, as the op-ed continues: “Potential harms to endangered species are the subject of SFLA’s amicus brief now before the Supreme Court in a challenge to FDA approval of abortion pills.” 

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Hawkins states in a press release that “With the full support of the Democratic Party leadership, the FDA has been willing to ignore possible harm to endangered species from the pathological waste of Chemical Abortion Pills. The pills’ dangers for the women who take them should be enough to pull them from the market. But as a matter of environmental justice, we should make sure that the deadly pills are not also ending aquatic and animal life.” 

But Biden and his loyal Democrats have their eyes fixed on banning gas stoves instead of focusing on Chemical Abortion Pills. 

“The Democratic Party’s bias in favor of abortion should not lead to tainted water,” the op-ed states. “President Biden’s chemical abortion policies have created cemeteries in our sewers that requires a public health response.” 

Forget the gas stoves. It’s time to see, acknowledge, and respond to the environmental crisis cooking in America’s backyard. 

Go figure.  

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