If Life is Inconvenient, It Doesn’t Matter According to Pro-Abortion Activists 

Jordan Estabrook - 04 Mar 2024

For the pro-abortion media, there are no abortion exceptions.

Their logic allows every abortion to be permittable and makes exceptions broader. However, each exception has a common thread: each relies on circumstance. It could be how the child was conceived, the health conditions present, and/or their chance of living. It’s as broad as the mother’s mental health state, which can mean so many things. Look at some of the most used and tiresome abortion excuses from pro-abortion extremists.  

It Starts with Rape and Incest  

The pro-abortion activists and media love rape and incest as an exception for killing innocent children. It preys on the emotions of those hearing about rape and incest and the vulnerability of abused women. 

While rape and incest are undeniably horrible violations and some of the most traumatic experiences anyone can go through, abortion allows abusers to get away with their crimes. Instead, the most innocent among us are punished.

People who commit rape and incest crimes face the music – not innocent children. And the idea sold by the abortion industry that abortion erases trauma is blatantly false – abortion adds to it. 

 The Elliot Institute found that “Nearly 80 percent of the women who aborted the pregnancy reported that abortion had been the wrong solution.” The study also noted, “None of the women who gave birth to a child conceived in sexual assault expressed regret or wished they had aborted instead.”  

Students for Life of America believe life’s circumstance doesn’t dictate human worth, as Students for Life President Kristan Hawkins stated, “Your humanity doesn’t change with the circumstances of your conception. You are valuable regardless of how you came into existence, or what your father did the night of your conception.”  

Children conceived from rape can go on to do amazing things and lead a normal life. Whether it’s celebrities or those who are brave enough to share their stories, their lives impact those around them and deserve of life.  

SFLA supports Pregnancy Resource Centers in multiple ways, including:  

  • Enlisting students from across the nation to volunteer and donate (and some even become PRC employees after graduation). 
  • Increasing their outreach through our supportive services initiative Standing With You, which includes local resources and adoption support.  
  • Partnering with pro-life diaper company EveryLife

Lump in Adverse Conditions Like Trisomy 13, 18, and 20 (Down Syndrome), and Potter Syndrome 

Adverse conditions are the exception hitting almost every news site. Again, another circumstantial reason why some lives are more valuable than others. Some of the arguments include:  

  • The child will be incompatible with life.  
  • They’ll most likely die, so you might as well abort.  
  • It will be traumatic to have a child.  
  • The child will suffer. 

Therefore, this is ample reason to kill a child in the womb. Kate Cox recently sued the State of Texas for not allowing her to obtain an abortion because of her child’s Trisomy 18 diagnosis, which is the presence of an extra eighteenth chromosome resulting in life-limiting developmental delays. She lost the case, but that hasn’t stopped the Biden administration and pro-abortion media from propping her up as an example of why it’s so important to be able to kill a child with adverse conditions.  

Again, no matter the circumstance, every life has value and joy to bring. Beverly Jacobson and Kathryn Kerr represent so many women who’ve had children with adverse conditions like Trisomy 18 and don’t regret a second of it. Abortion robs the potential of a child and the joy they can bring, even if it’s only for a short time. Abortion also piles on even more trauma. It’s a heartbreaking, irreversible trade off based off deceiving narratives, especially when many early prenatal tests are full of errors.  

There are resources and support groups SFLA recommends for parents of children with adverse conditions:  

Which Leads Us to Mental Health Reasons. Yes, It’s as Broad as It Sounds.  

USA Today wrote an article stating, “The court said abortion could be limited by the states after viability unless ‘health’ is at issue, defining ‘health’ as emotional well-being, an exception that swallows the ability of the states to limit abortion after fetal viability (the point at which an unborn baby can live outside the womb), a fact documented by numerous legal scholars and in multiple court decisions.” 

Emotional well-being is as broad as distress over a toothache or exam. It makes it a breeze for abortionists to prescribe abortions under the idea of Doe v. Bolton’s mental health loophole, Roe v. Wade’s companion case.  

No matter the circumstance, having children is difficult. There are Pregnancy Resource Centers locally and nationwide to help pregnant mothers and support them in challenging times.  

When There are So Many Exceptions, There are No Exceptions  

Each exception allows for broader exceptions, which begs the following question: whose life doesn’t matter according to pro-abortion activists? Apparently, it’s anyone’s life who’s inconvenient.  

This is the inevitable conclusion of abortion exceptions, which leads SFLA to the inevitable conclusion of protecting all human life, regardless of circumstance, full stop.  

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