Students for Life of America Announces Lydia Taylor’s First Speaking Tour, “Not Your Body, Not Your Choice” 

Jordan Estabrook - 28 Feb 2024

SFLA Student Spokesperson Lydia Taylor will be making three stops in the southeast for her first campus speaking tour, “Not Your Body, Not Your Choice” for the spring 2024 semester.  

Lydia Taylor, president’s brand and marketing intern and current student at Campbell University, has been pro-life her entire life. She became involved in the pro-life movement in high school, and in college, she dedicated her life to ending abortion. Lydia is no stranger to opposition. As the president of her college’s Students for Life chapter, she’s known around campus as “the pro-life girl” by both her haters and supporters.

“As a pro-life college student, I’ve seen abortion extremism spread across universities. I’ve been stalked, harassed, threatened, and even physically attacked just for standing against abortion,” said Lydia. “The pro-abortion movement disguises their support of violence under the image of ‘women’s rights, ‘bodily autonomy,’ or ‘choice,’ but we know the truth: abortion does not empower women, it kills preborn women in the womb.” 

Some of her pro-life wins include passing the first pro-life resolution at Campbell University and founding the North Carolina Pro-life Force. Lydia is excited to continue raising awareness and change minds across college campuses on the east coast.  

“After successfully changing hundreds of minds on my college campus to see the truth about abortion, I’m confident that we can expose the abortion industry’s lies across all schools. It’s time to fight back against pro-abortion extremism on college campuses, which is why I’m launching my spring speaking tour: ‘Not your body, not your choice.'” 

The spring 2024 schedule and location is as follows:  

March 4: William and Mary 

March 6: Kennesaw State University 

April 11: University of North Carolina at Greensboro 

More details will be released in the days to come.  

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