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TikTok Gives Voice to Post-Abortive Women that the Pro-Abortion Media Won’t: These are Their Stories 

Lydia Taylor - 27 Feb 2024

TikTok is well known for its trending dances, sounds, and viral videos that over a billion users watch every month. As the Social Media Content Coordinator for Students for Life of America, I actively use TikTok every day to identify trends and use them to advance the pro-life movement.  

Often, the media tends to stay silent on women’s heart-wrenching stories of abortion. With an app with over a billion users, the pro-abortion media can’t stop women from post their abortion experience on one of the most viral apps in the world.  

One of the most common trends I see when scrolling through my TikTok for you page is women sharing painful stories of their abortion.  

Yes, you heard me right. The app famous for lighthearted dance trends is also home to thousands of women sharing about their post-abortion regret and horrific experiences. Many of these women post that they feel like they can’t speak up about their trauma because abortion is supposed to be “empowering”. But TikTok’s trending sounds have given these women a voice to speak the truth about abortion.  

What Actually Happens During an Abortion: Complications and Regret 

One Tik Tok posted by a woman named Niamh is titled, “Things that happened during my abortion that I never spoke about.”  


The scariest, most traumatic thing ive ever been through, im so sorry angel🥲

♬ original sound – 🤍

She posted pictures from her time seeking an abortion expressing the fear and loneliness that gripped her. After her abortion, the situation grew worse for Niamh.  

 “2 weeks later, I began bleeding, worse than when I had the abortion and was sent to the hospital.” wrote Niamh on her TikTok. “The next day I found out the abortion hadn’t worked, and I needed surgery, I regretted my decision so much. The day of the surgery, the scariest, most painful thing I’ve ever been through. I saw my baby on a scan for the first time and wanted my baby, but it was too late.” 

Niamh’s story reflects the pain and regret many women go through during abortions. The pro-life movement works to support women in her situation, so they don’t have to face the trauma of abortion. Check out our resources at Standing With You.  

The Chemical Abortion Pill: The Trauma of Flushing a Baby Down the Toilet  

An even more common experience on Tik Tok is women who took the Chemical Abortion Pill and never expected how traumatic it was.  

One TikTok user posted about being shocked to see her baby in the toilet during the abortion. The comments on her post are full of other women who also saw their child. One woman commented, “just seen my baby, had fingers, toes, and everything”. 

The Chemical Abortion Pill: Deep Guilt, Extreme Physical Pain, and Possible Infertility 

Another woman who took the Chemical Abortion Pills at 6 weeks pregnant posted that she had “a lot of pain” after taking the two-pill regimen. 


Over 5 years later I’m able to talk about it. My DMs are always open. 🫶🏼 #abortiongriefawareness #youarenotalone #abortiongrief

♬ take a moment to breathe. – normal the kid

 “Guilt. Alone. Ashamed,” the TikTok user wrote. “Looking up at the sky realizing I miss someone I never met”.  

One comment on her post says, “Abortion can cause infertility, I had one two years ago and can’t get pregnant”. Millions of comments across Tik Tok echo the same harsh reality of abortion: It is harmful to women.  

These Stories and Others Like it Change the Pro-Abortion Narrative 

The abortion industry doesn’t want these women’s stories to be heard. They continue to disguise abortion under “women’s empowerment” so they can continue to exploit women and profit off the killing of their children. They say abortion is “safe” and “easy” and don’t offer any alternatives to abortion. It’s because they don’t care about women. The pro-life movement is the one offering thousands of pregnancy centers and support to empower women to choose life.  

While TikTok may be known for censoring pro-life voices, the testimonies of post-abortive women speak very loudly on TikTok and have reached millions of viewers. These stories may be heartbreaking, but they dismantle the pro-abortion narrative.  

Abortion has never been safe, easy, or empowering. The pro-life movement will continue to fight to expose the abortion industry and spread a culture of life… even on Tik Tok. 

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