Planned Parenthood and Colleges Hijack Valentine’s Day with Cringy Sex and Condom Week 

Jordan Estabrook - 15 Feb 2024

If Planned Parenthood wasn’t cringy enough, they decided to turn it up 100 notches by hijacking Valentine’s Day and the rest of the week with National Condom Week, and colleges joined in by promoting Sex Week.  

Valentine’s Day was once a sweet, loving holiday for children and adults to hand out Valentines to their classmates and friends, eat a box of chocolates, and squeeze a teddy bear or loved one tight. It seems like Planned Parenthood wants students of all ages to trade their candy for condoms, cards for condom coloring pages, and sweet talk with STD talks. Gross, right?  

Targeting Children 

What’s even more disturbing is their obsessive need to push sexualization not just to college students but also to children. This is the same Planned Parenthood that tried to hand out pamphlets to high school students (shout-out to this school principal for protecting her students) and made puberty-blocking and chemical abortion-promoting cartoons. They also released an insane tweet about why virginity isn’t a real thing. Why should anyone be surprised?  

Some middle schoolers and high schoolers will be handed free condoms as mandated by some states. Parents should also be aware of youth websites, such as Scarleteen, that are promoting inappropriate and pornographic sexual wording and graphics, as well as sex articles, tips and books. Here what they have to say on Valentine’s Day:  

“There’s a big range of interactions and relationships that can all be healthy, happy and involve love — or like, lust, or even I-don’t-know-yet-what-this-is-yet-but-it-sure-is-fun-so-far — not just one kind of relationship. Hookups or friends with benefits, open or poly relationships, friendships, sexual monogamy, love relationships without sex, exes turned friends, and even the love relationship one has with oneself can all potentially be sweet, caring, beneficial and meaningful for the people within them.” 

In recent months, there’s even been a push to allow Plan B vending machines across campuses and schools.  

This is nothing to promote to children, and it should hardly be stated.  

Promoting Dangerous and Questionable Materials to College Students  

Jamie Curry, Ohio regional coordinator for Students for Life of America, noticed Ohio State was hosted Sex Week on a public campus, which children also frequently visit, and promoting and leaving problematic materials around campus.  

Their Instagram account, SASHA at OSU, posted in collaboration with osuaffirmations to give away Lion’s Den bags. The bags, supposedly hidden, will be spread across campus over the next few days, and clues will be given over social media. Although not explicitly stated in the post, the photo of the bags includes Julie’s Emergency Contraceptives. 

“This is a public university with hundreds of visitors daily, including children,” stated Curry. “They’re perfectly fine leaving dildos and drugs in random bags across the university.” 

They’ve also hosted a bondage techniques event along with demonstrations. 

Ohio State University isn’t the only one hijacking Valentine’s Day with Sex Week. Grand Valley State University is promoting a “Beginner’s Guide to Sex Toys” event. St. Mary’s College of Maryland is also handing out free condoms, as well as hosting other sex-themed events. Other colleges will also host Sex Week events throughout the year.  

Some displays are there to stay beyond Valentine’s Day. On Monday, Feb. 12, Emma McDaniel, a communications and social media respondent for the Pro-Life Wildcats SFLA Chapter at the University of Kentucky, noticed Planned Parenthood advertising on newspaper stands. Though it is unclear who sponsors it, these advertisements have continued to spread. 

“I noticed that they put more newspapers around the school than usual,” Emma said. “They were everywhere on tables in different buildings, chairs, lounge-type areas, and on the stands. On the back of each one was also a Planned Parenthood ad talking about STI testing.” 

Emma and the Pro-Life Wildcats hope to counter the ads by handing out fliers for a local pregnancy resource center.  

What’s the Point of It All?  

So, why does Planned Parenthood and its supporters care so much about sex education for children and onward? By providing bad sexual practices, they can also provide the abortion to go along with it.  

In a DailyWire op-ed by Students for Life of America President Kristan Hawkins, she talks about why Planned Parenthood believes children are sexualized at birth and why they promote sexual education. They don’t want women to lean on their community – they want women to lean on them. 

“The abortion business wants children to act out exhibiting behavior far beyond their maturity,” Kristan wrote. “If they get themselves into difficulty or confusion, where are they going to turn? Planned Parenthood, of course, where the children will be paying customers, and perhaps their children’s lives ended.”   

For Planned Parenthood and its supporters, abortion is a part of their belief and mission. Sexually confusing children and college students alike are a key tactic, even if they have to use cringy condoms and sex week to do it.  

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