Leaked Texts Show Timberwolves’ Star Anthony Edwards Allegedly Paid Woman to Abort Their Child & Video Herself Ingesting Deathly Drugs 

Caroline Wharton - 21 Dec 2023

Contrary to the mantra ‘No Uterus, No Opinion,” the pro-life movement consistently talks about the importance of men in building a life-affirming culture because fathers choosing not to act as ‘Dad’ often catapults the abortion decision. A recent example of this is NBA star Anthony Edwards, as reports now allege that he paid a woman off to abort their preborn child — and even worse, he purportedly asked for video evidence of the abortion. Here’s what you need to know:  

The shooting guard for the Minnesota Timberwolves, Edwards’ name has rightfully become embroiled in controversy after leaked text messages appear to show him pressuring a young woman, Paige Jordae, into an abortion and promising to compensate her in exchange. Edwards has since released a statement, appearing to verify these claims.  

The series of text messages, posted on social media by Jordae, show that she initially sent him a photo of a positive pregnancy test to which he responded, “Hell Nawl can’t do dis…get a abortion lol.”  

Jordae’s reply was heartbreaking, saying, “Honestly I had an abortion with my son around 2 years ago and I regret it every day.”  

Note the proper use of “my son”— by all indications, this is clearly a woman who recognized the humanity of her preborn child too late and feels immense pain over the matter. Unfortunately, subsequent messages from Edwards showed he apparently didn’t care, as he claimed you can’t “force a kid in da world” and questioned her attachment as she didn’t even know the sex of their preborn child yet. 

When Jordae told him that wasn’t the point, he responded: “Yea but I don’t want a kid…I will send you money to help you out [with paying for the abortion].”  

Sadly, while Jordae had expressed initially that she did not want to abort their child, she agreed by saying, “I’m not trying to force u to be a dad to a baby u don’t want I just don’t like abortions that doesn’t make me wrong. If u really don’t wanna do this then fine…I won’t.”  

According to the text exchange, Jordae agreed to take Chemical Abortion Pills to end their child’s life, but Edwards nagged her about it multiple times before it happened, even requesting video evidence.  

He said, “Just take the pills…Okay just make sure I get da video of the box wit the right pills.”  

Andrea also posted a screenshot of a wire transfer for $100,000 — apparently, that was the price tag of their child.  

To view the entire text exchange as seen on the social media platform X (formerly known as Twitter), click HERE.  

Students for Life of America (SFLA) Ambassador Christine Yeargin, host of the Pro-Life Generation-powered podcast “Speak Out,” made a video on the controversy recently, highlighting the fact that this unfortunately isn’t uncommon. She stated

“The situation isn’t a one-off. We’re often see people with fame, power, influence, money, even your average Joe, pressure women into having an abortion that they don’t want to have. NBA player Tristan Thompson allegedly offered a woman $75,000 to have an abortion. Steven Tyler of Aerosmith allegedly pressured a woman to have an abortion with their child, as well.  

“I was offered $50,000 to have an abortion, and while I rejected it and my outcome was different than Anthony’s and this woman’s, I do know one thing for certain: men can be and often are the deciding factor between life or death for their son or daughter. We need men to be stand-up men. We need men to be responsible for their actions. We need women to do the same. In this situation, the biggest victim is the baby who did not deserve a $100,000 price tag on their head.”  

The Pro-Life Generation greatly values men both for their role in the family and in fighting abortion. As Yeargin said, our society could use a lot more life-affirming men who understand that once you become a father (which happens at the moment of conception), it’s your responsibly and joy to become a Dad.  

To learn more about this topic, click HERE to read another SFLA blog entitled “Men Are a Crucial Part of the Family & the Pro-Life Movement: Meet Some of the SFLA Dads!” 

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