Congratulations to Students for Life of America’s October 2023 Group of the Month: The CUA Cardinals for Life!   

Caroline Wharton - 27 Oct 2023

October is Respect Life Month, and Students for Life of America (SFLA) kept that in mind when choosing our October 2023 Group of the Month: The CUA Cardinals for Life! This SFLA group, based at The Catholic University of America (CUA), has been on fire with all their pro-life work on campus this month.

They are working hard to be a strong pro-life presence at the only national Catholic four-year college here in the United States. Their activism is important because while Catholicism does support the sanctity of life, some still need to be reminded of that. Here’s how the CUA Cardinals for Life have been rockstars for the preborn this month:  

The group has organized weekly sidewalk prayer at the local Planned Parenthood facility, and they also frequently volunteer at local pregnancy resource centers to help the Washington D.C. community embrace expectant mothers and families. Every Monday, the group has also said the rosary for life.  

The CUA Cardinals for Life have also hosted various speakers to educate themselves and their campus on different factors relating to the life issue. This has included Dr. Cranney to discuss suicide prevention; Dr. Katrina Furth for fetal development science training; and Dr. and Mrs. Solares to talk about natural family planning.  

To commemorate Pregnancy and Infant Loss Day, the group worked with Campus Ministry and the Guadalupe Project to put on a Mass of Remembrance and additionally hosted SFLA’s Cemetery of the Innocents. This display includes 1,025 crosses to symbolize the number of lives taken daily by Planned Parenthood, our nation’s biggest abortion vendor.

The huge display helps visualize just how many children are missing and how many parents are wounded due to abortion. The group had dozens of positive conversations while this display was up, and many students and local seminarians came to help set up and take down the crosses, as well.  

SFLA is extremely proud of the CUA Cardinals for Life and excited to see what they do for the pro-life movement in the coming months. We expect great things because we have seen great things. Keep up the great work, and congratulations on winning October 2023 Group of the Month!   

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