The “Abortion Queen” is All About the Cha-Ching: Abortionist Diane Derzis’ Greedy Underbelly Exposed 

Caroline Wharton - 13 Oct 2023

Abortion supporters like to paint the intentional killing of preborn children with all the colors of the wind, euphemizing abortion as “healthcare,” a “religious ritual,” or even “another word for mercy”— but what do those who commit this injustice have to say about it? Take it from the woman who has often been dubbed the ‘Abortion Queen:’ abortion is just “a business,” and “there are costs involved in running the business.” She’s recently been exposed for saying it like it is in the abortion industry…here’s what you need to know:  

The infamous Diane Derzis — known for running multiple abortion facilities since the 1970s, including the Pink House which was at the center of the Dobbs v. Jackson decision — was recently profiled in an unflattering piece based upon the experience of a former employee. (Sometimes, the truth hurts.) 

But what is exactly that her ex-employee and self-proclaimed former fangirl exposed? That money — not any kind of women’s ministry — is the motivation behind the abortion industry.   

In an article from Stat News entitled “The ‘Abortion Queen’ Wants Patients to Have ‘Skin in the Game.’ Is That Restricting Access,” Stephanie Rosenwinge recounted her previous excitement to work for Derzis, saying that the first time she met her, it was like “meeting a movie star” or her hero. That didn’t last long, however. Derzis almost immediately began giving her staff instructions that showed her greedy underbelly.  

She was stunned when Derzis initially told facility employees to strategically cut back on the financial aid information they were giving abortion-seeking women. Later, the Abortion Queen went farther, telling staffers to make sure women had to pay something even if insurance and pro-abortion groups could cover her entire bill.  

According to Rosenwinge, Derzis said, “I want these patients to have some skin in the game. They shouldn’t be fully funded.”  

Now, why would she care if abortion is just about women’s empowerment? Shouldn’t she be offering the ghastly procedures for free if that’s the case? Instead, however, she wants women to at least have to chip in — so again, why would she care as long as she’s getting paid?  

Here’s a thought: When you have “skin in the game” (to use Derzis’ phrasing), you’re less likely to walk away and choose life instead. Anyone who has ever bought or put money down in advance on something knows this to be true. When we contribute financially to something out of our own pockets, the chance of us turning away from it are decreased. Derzis clearly doesn’t want women backing out.  

And this is the even crazier thing: Derzis didn’t even deny giving these instructions. Instead, she acknowledged them, saying it was a “cash flow issue” since some abortion funds will only send a monthly check for all women paid for instead of individual checks for each one. She also lamely added that she wanted to make sure abortion funds’ were used “wisely.” (To clarify: to truly use them wisely, the finances would go to life-affirming resources, not death.)  

Derzis summed it up simply, stating: “I’m just saying we’re a business. There are costs involved in running the businesses.”  

The Pro-Life Generation shouldn’t be totally shocked at her admission, however. Derzis is just following in the footsteps of other abortionists before her who have made their greedy ambitions clear — like the senior Planned Parenthood official who haggled over how much she would get paid for selling abortion baby parts. Caught on video by the Center for Medical Progress, she explained the level of her materialism by saying, “I want a Lamborghini.”  

What about babies who just want to live?  

The next time someone tries to whitewash the abortion industry as “loving” or “compassionate,” don’t fall for it, and don’t let them off the hook, either. Allow these abortionists to speak for themselves — because it’s clearly all about the money.  

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