Kamala Harris Says Restricting Abortion is ‘Immoral’… Does She Hate Puppies Too or Is It Just Babies?  

Caroline Wharton - 21 Mar 2023

Here’s a tongue twister for you: how high and hot is Harris’ hate for humans? If your tongue had a hard time with that, here’s something your mind also might just struggle to wrap itself around: Vice President Kamala Harris actually said that restricting abortion — the intentional killing of preborn human babies — is “immoral.” That’s right; attempting to limit the inhumane practice that has cost American society more than 63 million lives since 1973 is considered ethically out of bounds. Here’s more on this ironic statement and how to combat it:  

At a recent roundtable discussion that occurred at Grand View University with elected leaders in Des Moines, Iowa, Harris began her attack on pro-lifers by vilifying them for believing that a child is always valuable, no matter their circumstances. She stated:   

“We have seen, what I would consider and do consider, as a former prosecutor, to be an immoral approach to survivors of rape or incest. There is even no exception after individuals have survived such an act of violation to their body.” 

Harris parrots the pro-abortion myth here as she espouses the idea that abortion seemingly fixes a rape; a notion that is utterly thoughtless and incorrect. The horrible violence of rape cannot be fixed with the horrible violence of abortion — it merely does two things. First, instead of healing her, abortion can compound a woman’s hurt, as many post-abortive women experience physical trauma and mental anguish. It is not a treatment that will erase a woman’s suffering. As Babylon Bee CEO Seth Dillion says, “Abortion is healthcare as much as rape is lovemaking.”  

Second, abortion after rape if a pregnancy ensues creates another victim: the preborn. The child conceived through sexual assault didn’t ask to be brought into the world in such a manner, but here they are — and they’re not a bit less valuable for it. Ryan Bomberger is an excellent example of this, as a child conceived through rape who now speaks out in support of the preborn. (Click HERE to listen to an Explicitly Pro-Life podcast with Students for Life of America (SFLA) President Kristan Hawkins where Bomberger shares his personal testimony.) 

Harris continued, “It’s immoral. Let’s be clear on this issue: one does not have to abandon their faith or deeply held beliefs to agree that the government should not be telling her or any individual what to do with their bodies. Let them make that decision.” 

Ah, yes…the good, old “do what you want and mind your own business” argument from the abortion lobby. It’s a perfectly fair statement when we’re talking about things that don’t involve anyone else but ourselves — like vaccine mandates, for example. Get a shot if you’d like, but don’t make someone else if they’re not interested. This makes perfect sense in our society which should respect individual liberty.  

However, things take a turn when we talk about ignoring what someone is doing to someone else 

For example, should we cover our ears and turn up our music when we hear violent domestic fights next door? Should we think I wouldn’t hit my spouse, but hey — every couple is different! Or what about if we discover a minor is being sexually abused? Do we shrug it off because while I think that’s wrong, it’s not for me to tell them what to do. And how about a historical example: should the American abolitionists have been content to allow slave-owners to continue slavery while personally being against the inhumane practice themselves?  

These three instances illustrate one principle clearly: If someone is hurting someone else, it’s our business to step in — and the issue of abortion is one such situation. It is the intentional killing of preborn children, and the Pro-Life Generation will hold the abortionists accountable for this evil (while taking care of women who have been made secondary victims of the abortion industry).  

As long as abortion is available and societally accepted, we won’t be quiet — this is a human rights issue that requires each and every one of us to speak up. Let’s be loud for the right to life.  

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