One Good Thing from the Creepy Kinsey Institute: Study Shows Singles Date More Thoughtfully Since Fall of Roe 

Caroline Wharton - 17 Feb 2023

Founded by the father of the sexual revolution himself, Indiana University’s Kinsey Institute has produced highly questionable and disgusting research in its time — we by no means recommend this source — yet even this institute has confirmed what we reported on earlier: Americans are taking dating more seriously since the fall of Roe v. Wade. This recent survey supplied another interesting look at American singles, and while it seemingly attempted to paint these findings in a bad light, is it really bad that you might think twice before engaging in romantic relations with someone? Here’s what you should know about this new study:  

The survey, entitled “Singles in America,” was done by Match, an online dating service, in partnership with Kinsey Institute researchers. It polled 5,000 United States single adults between ages 18 and 98 about their views on different aspects of dating — and the survey’s top three takeaways are pretty interesting.  

  1. 78% of singles said the reversal of Roe v. Wade WILL change their dating and/or sex behavior 
  1. 20% said it will make them more hesitant to have sex 
  1. 14% say it will make them more hesitant to date  

(Click HERE to read SFLA President Kristan Hawkins discuss the modern-day sexualization of children in a Daily Wire op-ed entitled “‘Sexual From Birth’: Planned Parenthood Targets Children With ‘Porn Literacy’ Through Sex Education.”)  

This phenomenon of thought (which goes something like ‘abortion isn’t as available so I need to make wise sexual decisions’) isn’t new to Students for Life of America (SFLA). We reported on anecdotal stories of college students saying the same thing last year in a blog entitled “College Students Say Abortion Laws Are Making Them Think Twice Before Leaping Into Bed.” From the mouths of students across the country at higher education institutions, the first Post-Roe semester was making them consider their romantic and sexual partners more carefully than they may have prior to the Dobbs decision.  

And once again, we come to the same conclusion: Isn’t that a good thing?  

It’s good for an individual’s safety and health (both mental and physical) to take a step back and think before engaging in sexual activity. It’s also good for a society collectively when sex is taken seriously to decrease the risks of sexually transmitted diseases and unplanned pregnancies.  

Noah Slayter, an SFLA Student Spokesperson who attends the Catholic University of America, stated: “Many people claim that we have stepped “back in time” with abortion restrictions, but I would say we have entered a better time where people have to actually think about their relationships and take responsibility for their sex lives.  

(Click HERE to learn about the myths of “safe sex.”)  

“Sex has consequences, and if a couple is having sex, they need to be ready for the possibility of children. True love is wanting what’s best for your partner which includes taking responsibility, not using the violence of abortion as the easy way out.  This is a good thing.”   

And here we have it folks — yet another good outcome of abortion restrictions. Babies’ lives are saved, women are supported, and the average American is making more well-thought-out decisions in their dating and sex life. It’s a win, win, win.  

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