How to Talk with Your Pro-Abortion Relatives at Thanksgiving 

Caroline Wharton - 21 Nov 2022

As Thanksgiving is almost here and many of the Pro-Life Generation are heading home to their families for the celebration, some of us may be anticipating — perhaps nervously — table talk with our pro-abortion relatives in light of the reversal of Roe v. Wade. These conversations can be a very sensitive topic for extended families who have different perspectives on abortion, and with the current inflamed political climate, you might be anticipating some tense conversations, as well.  

While you don’t want to create strife, what you want to do is authentically stand up for life wherever you go; meaning that if Aunt Karen starts railing against the Dobbs v. Jackson decision, you’d like to go on the record for the preborn. You want to speak out, but we know it’s a narrow fence to walk so we’ve compiled a list of tips for how to best engage in peaceful yet fruitful discussion about the abortion issue this holiday season:  

Come With Compassion  

Just as we understand that everyone comes with different abortion experiences when we’re out in the community or on campus, we need to remember that our family members are coming to these discussions with different experiences. We never know who has been touched by the pain of abortion and left scarred because of it — and that means that we need to show the utmost compassion and love in our statements.  

To avoid conflict, use ‘I’ statements that clearly show your love for the preborn and women alike. Express your understanding of the struggles of unplanned pregnancy and motherhood, and why those struggles are exactly why the pro-life movement has initiatives like Students for Life of America’s Standing With You, where we take time to problem-solve with women and answer their individual needs. Communicate your love for all life — real love that is regardless of sex, ethnicity, age, disability, location, and why it is love that propels you to oppose abortion since it takes away that life. Share how you are grateful for your life, with all its highs and lows, and how your advocacy stems from wanting to give others the same gift.  

You can start by telling your relatives, “Think about it this way: if I truly believe that a fetus is a valuable life, wouldn’t it be wrong for me not to stand up for them? If I truly believe that abortion harms women, wouldn’t it be wrong for me to not sound the alarm?” If they nod their heads yes (even reluctantly so), you can follow up by saying, “Here’s why I believe those things.”  

Bring the Facts  

In order to be a persuasive speaker, you’ve got to know why you believe what you believe — so come to dinner with a cornucopia of knowledge about the abortion issue in order to answer your relatives’ questions or respond to falsehoods.  

Here are a few resources for brushing up on things you should know:  

  • Click HERE to find out why overpopulation isn’t an excuse for abortion.  
  • Click HERE to find out why abortion as a first pregnancy-outcome is dangerous for women.  
  • Click HERE to learn about abortion procedures.  
  • Click HERE to find out why rape and incest don’t justify abortion.  
  • Click HERE to learn how miscarriage care and direct abortions are different.  
  • Click HERE to find out why the illegal abortion network is anti-woman.  
  • Click HERE to learn how Chemical Abortion pills are so dangerous for women.  

If you’re a bookworm, check out our Pro-Life Reading List.  

Leave Knowing You Planted Seeds  

Even if you didn’t change your relatives’ minds about abortion in one day, you should leave the table with a peaceful heart after your conversation. You kept it pleasant, and you planted seeds; pro-life food for thought for an abortion supporter can be so important. Many people have deep-rooted beliefs about abortion ingrained in them for so long by the manipulative abortion industry that it can take time for them to mull everything over. By having a winsome, educated discussion with them, you can get those wheels turning — a change of heart and mind is begun by even the smallest of things.  

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