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Wilberforce Fellow Raises $5,000 With Dine & Dance for Life Event

Caroline Wharton - 30 Jun 2022

Helene Senn, a university student from Kentucky at the University of Louisville and a Students for Life of America (SFLA) William Wilberforce Fellow, hosted a Dine & Dance for Life event during the spring semester to raise proceeds for her local pregnancy resource center. Around 85 to 100 people attended the event, and it raised more than $5,000—what a success!  

Senn’s Dine & Dance for Life event was held at St. Louis Bertrand Catholic Church, a Dominican parish, in Louisville, Kentucky. She and her SFLA group, the Louisville Students for Life, had great support from the parish and Dominican friars in putting on the event. The funds raised from the events were solely earned through donations, and 100% of the proceeds went to their local pregnancy resource center, Lifehouse, as a generous family sponsored the dinner. The Family Renewal Project, a local Kentucky Catholic apostolate, also helped support the event through a gift of $1,000.  

Dine & Dance for Life

Not only did this fun and important event demonstrate support for the preborn, but Senn and the Louisville Students for Life wanted it to demonstrate support and acceptance of pregnant and parenting students who are in need of assistance. It gathered steam through the tabling and social media efforts of the students, and their hard work preparing and advertising the event made it the total success that it was! To read more about their success, check out the Kentucky Today’s article featuring it HERE.  

After her wonderful event, Senn has made it clear that she will continue working with her SFLA group to continue making pro-life waves on campus and in the community, as well as with the local pregnancy resource center to create welcoming environments for babies and families in crisis.  

Dine & Dance for Life

Read Senn’s comments on the Dine & Dance for Life event below and her fellowship below:  

The goal of this project was to promote Lifehouse Maternity Home in Louisville, KY, and to help raise funds for their daily needs. Students for Life of America supported me in my work for this project and truly empowered me to be an effective pro-life activist on a secular college campus. 

“This fellowship provided me with relationships that will continue to grow over the next few years as I continue diving into the pro-life movement with these beautiful individuals. 

“The more I dive into the pro-life movement, the more I realize this may be where God is calling me to give my life in service. After completing this fellowship, I will continue to work with my chapter in its growth and development. I hope to help with the local pregnancy resource centers or start new ones because if we are truly going to make abortion illegal and unthinkable, then we need our boots on the ground, helping the women who are struggling and feeling alone.”  

Dine & Dance for Life
Helene Senn

SFLA is so proud of Heline Senn for her hard work in supporting preborn babies and families in unplanned pregnancies and helping to change the narrative on her campus. We have no doubt she’ll go on to do even bigger and better things—she is truly a changemaker.  

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