Summer Leadership Academy 2023

Your crash course to creating a Culture of Life in this Post-Roe America...

Starting in June, Students for Life of America will be hosting our annual Summer Leadership Academy, a special 8-week course designed to equip pro-life students to confront the major issues of this post-Roe America.

Starting the week of June 12th, members of the Students for Life team will lead Summer Leadership Academy sessions that cover how Students for Life groups can affect real change on their campus and in their communities in this post-Roe America.

As part of the Summer Leadership Academy, you'll...

  1. Be trained on the most important areas of pro-life activism in today’s political climate.

  2. Meet weekly with Students for Life of America staff who will provide professional, expert pro-life training for you and other pro-life student leaders.

  3. Receive free resources in a digital download!

  4. Be part of a graduation ceremony at the end of the course (which will be keynoted by a surprise guest speaker)!



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