How SFLA’s Spring Tour ‘No Woman Stands Alone’ Prepared The Way for a Post-Roe America

Caroline Wharton - 16 Jun 2022
SFLA's Spring Tour 'No Woman Stands Alone'
Guest post by Students for Life of America Field Staff Writer Sarah Michalak

GUEST POST: To prepare our students and campuses for the incoming  Dobbs v. Jackson Supreme Courtdecision, Students for Life of America (SFLA) launched our No Woman Stands Alone Spring Campus Tour this past February. The goal of this tour was to show how destructive and radical the Roe v. Wade decision is, as well as to compare the abortion industry’s plan and the Pro-Life Movement’s plan for a Post-Roe America. 

The abortion industry will continue to do what they have done for the past 50 years: make money off ending lives. With this tour, we demonstrated the abuses of the abortion industry and how they have placed women and children below their financial bottom line. We also demonstrated that the Pro-Life Movement is dedicated to supporting women and families in need as our goal is to make abortion unavailable and unthinkable in a Post-Roe America. 

This tour also focused on debunking the pro-abortion myths that have surrounded the potential reversal of Roe and consisted of an on-campus video, four pop-up panels, a Post-Roe Myths tabletop, an interactive voting piece, and new print materials!  

The No Woman Stands Alone Spring Campus Tour was exactly what our schools needed this spring. Our student leaders are now better equipped to fight abortion in a Post-Roe America and are empowered to continue their grassroots efforts to fight abortion one state at a time until every child is protected, and every woman is supported. We are happy to announce that it was a huge success, and you can see it for yourself in the Final Tour Report. It’s full of real stories from campuses, statistics on our activism, and offers a unique look into how SFLA campus tours work; check it out below!  


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