Guess Who’s Pulling School Lunches & Not Addressing The Baby Formula Shortage?

Caroline Wharton - 07 Jun 2022

Humans cannot properly grow or survive for long without the appropriate amount of food, and it certainly isn’t pleasant to feel hunger pangs, either. This is why American schools work to provide hungry American children with filling meals at school—however, the Biden Administration wants to take sustenance away from our young children for a political ploy, and it appears that the Administration hasn’t been reactive enough for infants considering the sweeping baby formula shortages.  

An article on this topic was recently published by Students for Life Action (SFLAction) and Students for Life of America (SFLA) President Kristan Hawkins at Townhall entitled, “Biden’s Baby Formula Crisis and War Against School Lunch Explained.” In the article, Hawkins discusses the link between these two hunger problems which had been created or perpetuated by the Biden Administration. She rhetorically asks,  

Baby Formula Shortage

“An Administration that wants babies dismembered is unlikely to care whether they’re fed. Now, President Biden is holding federal funds for school breakfasts, lunches, and snacks hostage if K-12 institutions don’t allow boys into girl’s restrooms. Why would President Biden allow babies outside of the womb and low-income children at school go hungry? (We know babies IN the womb are not his priority.)”  

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As many on the Left are blaming the Republican Party for continuing the shortage of baby formula, Hawkins explains why that is definitely not the case and volleys back that it isn’t a Republican administration that is taking away school lunches for hungry kids—take from that what you will. She writes,

Baby Formula Shortage

“Make no mistake: Not one Republican member of Congress voted in favor of a plan for parents to frantically search for formula or for poor children to miss lunch at school. But can we say the same about those in the Biden Administration who could have acted to stop both? We need real solutions to fix the problems the Administration has created and put an end to using children — born and pre-born — as pawns in a political game with no winners.” 

To read Hawkins’ full article at Townhall, click HERE.  

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