Pro-Lifers Met with Screaming, Blockades, & Attempts to Destroy Property During Abortion Counter Protests

Caroline Wharton - 16 May 2022

The Pro-Life Generation mobilized in more than eleven cities to counter protest the ‘Bans Off Our Bodies’ rallies on Saturday, May 14, to support the preborn and protest the radical abortion industry. Their message to protect the preborn in law and help moms was met with visceral reactions from abortion activists who were taking orders from their movement leaders. 

Women’s March President, Rachel Carmona, told reporters ahead of the rallies, “For the women of this country, this will be a summer of rage.” It took no time for abortion supporters to act on this promise, and many Students for Life of America (SFLA) leaders were firsthand witnesses. While SFLA always provides security to ensure our leaders aren’t in harm’s way, radical abortion supporters have often found methods to taunt and inflict damage towards the fearless Pro-Life Generation.    

“One lady came over to SFLA’s belongings and took a couple of our signs, folded them in half, and told us she was doing us a favor by taking them to the trash,” said Gavin Oxley, University of Virginia student. Oxley was counter protesting in Washington, D.C. when the anti-life woman threw away their signs despite his repeated request to not take or vandalize their property.  

Claire Anderson, SFLA D.C. intern, noted how aggressive the anti-life side was by screaming personal insults in the faces of pro-lifers. “At times, they covered my bullhorn with their signs,” she said. “They also vandalized our personal property. Our signs are made from strong foam, and it clearly took an intentional act to bend them in half.” Pro-abortion marchers were blatant when they tried to snatch Noah Slayter’s cell phone right out of his hands. Slayter is on SFLA’s SCOTUS Squad and frequently documents events at the Court—something the other side tries to prevent him from doing.  

It is without surprise that the leaked draft decision from the Supreme Court suggesting Roe v. Wade will be overturned is creating panic among those who have belittled the dignity of human life for the past 50 years. “The crowds in D.C. were angry spirited on Saturday,” said Lori Cascio, SFLA Field Operations Manager. “You can tell the abortion side is not excited for the wins we have on the horizon. We tried to speak with a few people and had some luck, but most were pleased to raise their middle finger at us and shout an explicative.”    

Cascio highlighted the fact that SFLA made it out of the counter protest safely despite enduring vulgar signs from the abortion activists; she believes they were a positive representation for the pro-life movement and how important that is to be seen. Faith Elwonger, SFLA Texas Regional Coordinator, echoed this sentiment. She said, “We wanted it to be known in Texas that there was a pro-life presence.” 

Elwonger and her fellow pro-lifers were swarmed at the State Capitol as they created a life chain. “We got lots of middle fingers and women yelling ‘we hate women’ at us. Our security officers were on both sides of our group, and the State Troopers saw the pro-abortion crowds swarming us, so they joined in forming a barrier,” she said.  

Even as the pro-lifers were moving to less dangerous locations, she said that groups of pro-abortionists followed them and taunted them without relent. The abortion activists are so radical that security and State Troopers had to form a barrier around pro-lifers as they walked.  

“They started saying inappropriate insults to the young men in our group, which was especially disturbing since the women yelling were much older than them,” said Elwonger. “Abortion activists were chanting: ‘hey hey, ho ho, it’s okay to be a h**!’ At the end of our walk back guarded by security, a small group of anti-lifers passed by and sarcastically asked if we still loved them. A young man in our group said yes to which the anti-lifer responded, “Be sure to tell your girlfriends to get abortions when they get pregnant!” 

This is all too often the reality the Pro-Life Generation faces when standing up for the rights of the preborn. The incivility put on full display by abortion activists is sadly approved of by their movement leaders who call for rage, not meaningful discourse. Pro-life activists can CLICK HERE to learn about engaging in peaceful dialogue and the tools needed to be successful.  

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