Today Show Abortion Doula Says Women Need “Sacred Places” to Abort

Caroline Wharton - 21 Mar 2022

The abortion lobby isn’t content with merely killing preborn babies and harming women; they also want to brainwash society into thinking abortion is good and a natural part of life. That’s why in a recent article on the Today Show website, an abortion supporter said women need to have “sacred” places to kill children and equated abortion  to giving birth. Let’s discuss this ridiculous claim and why the abortion lobby is employing it:  

The article said what now?  

The article, entitled “What is a Medication Abortion? 5 People Share Their Experiences,” discussed—and severely airbrushed—Chemical Abortion. As a part of that discussion, five women shared their stories of taking Chemical Abortion pills, including a woman named Cynthia. Cynthia’s Chemical Abortion experience was bad; she was severely uninformed of the extreme toll Chemical Abortion would take on her body and had a negative physical reaction as many women do

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However, Cynthia’s experience unfortunately didn’t lead her to wage war against Chemical Abortion and its detrimental effects on women (not to mention it’s disastrous effect on preborn babies.). Instead, she unfortunately decided to become an “abortion doula” and has echoed the abortion lobby by saying, “It is important to create a sacred place to safely have an abortion. Just like I support creating a sacred space for other birth or reproductive health services, it is important that we honor individuals as they are terminating a pregnancy.”  

Biology 101 here with a reminder: The child being violently killed in abortion is an individual, too. 

Cynthia’s statement is almost everything that is wrong about the abortion lobby—but to sum it up in a nutshell, the abortion lobby is glorifying the murderous practice of abortion and placing it on the same level as childbirth.  

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Reality check: abortion and childbirth are complete opposites of one another. One kills the child, another welcomes her. In abortion, a mother is actively trying not to be a mother as she kills and disposes of her vulnerable child in the womb. In childbirth, a mother labors to welcome her living child into the world. The difference between the two could not be greater. And the fact that we even need to explain this in a blog is mind-numbing. 

The idea that women need “sacred places” to carry out abortions is also wildly creepy—can you think of other times murder was committed in “sacred places?” It should convey eerie images of pagans who chose special places for human sacrifices—which doesn’t seem too far from the institution of abortion, actually.  

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The Today Show abortion doula isn’t the only one equating abortion and birth.  

As a result of the abortion industry’s propaganda which conflates birth and abortion, we’ve also seen several cities across the country provide “paid abortion leave” for their municipal employees. As an example, city employees in Boston, Massachusetts, can be paid through “parental leave” for up to twelve weeks following an abortion. Now, we might have missed something, but aren’t abortions for the express purpose of not becoming a parent? Make that make sense.  

(To learn more, click HERE to read SFLA Staff Writer Caroline Wharton’s op-ed at Townhall, entitled “3 Reasons Why Paid Abortion Leave Is Just Stupid.)  

We have to reject this lie from the abortion lobby.  

It’s in their best interest to blur the line between abortion and birth because that normalizes and desensitizes society to the horror of abortion—meaning that abortion will become more accepted and more prevalent. The abortion lobby knows exactly what they’re doing when they erase the child and put abortion on a “women’s health” pedestal, because pushing this narrative is just a part of their plan to further extend the tentacles of the abortion industry into society.  

The abortion lobby is going to do everything in its power to get away with this falsehood because they’ve never been a fan of facts. They like to skirt them, hide them, make them up, and deny them—but at the end of the day, a fact is a fact whether the abortion lobby likes it or not. And the fact is, giving birth to your child and killing your child through abortion will never be the same thing. One is a cause for the celebration of life and the other is ghoulish.  

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