VIDEO: Abortion Protestors Storm Cathedral and Interrupt Mass in Costume  

Caroline Wharton - 05 Mar 2022

Through yet another unbridled and disruptive public tantrum, the abortion lobby has once again shown their true colors as they disrespect human lives both born and preborn. Do we expect anything different from an industry that capitalizes on murder? Absolutely not. But is it still shocking to the system when they angrily storm churches and assault peaceful pro-lifers? Absolutely—and their latest stunt is no different.  

On February 28th in San Francisco, California, the parishioners of St. Mary’s Cathedral were in the middle of Holy Mass when six costumed abortion protesters interrupted the service—and by interrupted, we don’t mean anything as innocent as a sneeze or a baby crying. The protestors, dressed in Handmaiden’s Tale costumes which included large white bonnets and red cloaks, marched up the center aisle and began to scream in the middle of the service. Check out the video below:  

As shown, the protestors were asked repeatedly by the security team to not come inside the cathedral and to leave before they stormed to the front of the room. Once at the front, the protestors brandished signs and yelled over the presiding priest, saying:  

“For 2,000 years, the Catholic church has been an institution for the enslavement of women. The church is seeking to deny the humanity of all…and seeking to deny women a basic right: the right to abortion.”  

As ushers and priests attempted to remove the protestors from the service, they mocked them by pretending to bow and by raising the communist fist. Refusing to leave and yelling at the security team for touching them, the protestors seemed undeterred by the reminder that they were on private property and moved the protest to directly outside of the cathedral. Upon coming outside, they began to physically push around pro-life activist Kristin Turner and try to wrench away her sign. Watch the video by clicking HERE.

Unfortunately, this is not an isolated incident. The abortion lobby frequently preys upon pro-life churches, particularly Catholic churches. For example, in Colorado, a Catholic church was desecrated with smashed windows, slashed car tires, and horrific graffiti covering the building that said, “Jesus loves abortion,” and “Abort Catholicism,” among other awful sentiments. Other churches have had pro-abortion messages projected on them or are similarly disrupted by protesters who disregard religious freedom.  

The disruption and desecration of churches by the abortion lobby is a travesty, but that injustice pales in comparison to the abortion violence they celebrate. It’s =clear evidence that the violence and hate perpetuated by abortion pollutes a community. To the abortion lobby, anyone who is inconvenient can be disrespected and eliminated—whether that be a preborn child who was unplanned or a pro-life supporter who wants to end abortion. That’s why abortion supporters are frequently violent with pro-lifers. We are threatened, punched, cursed at, and told that we should be raped; yet ironically, the abortion lobby continues to demonize peaceful churchgoers who simply believe babies shouldn’t be murdered.

Students for Life of America heartily disagrees with efforts to silence free speech or freedom of religion, and we have two things to say to these pro-abortion protestors: 

  1. Take a good, long look in the mirror, and in it, you will see a hypocrite. Virtually everything the abortion lobby falsely accuses the pro-life movement of is being actively committed by the abortion industry. You claim the Catholic Church “dehumanizes” and “refuses basic rights” while you daily celebrate the dehumanization and refusal of basic rights of preborn children. 
  2. Didn’t your mother teach you any manners? Stay out of our churches with your disruptive and disrespectful protests —there is no place for that nonsense during a worship service.   

The Pro-Life Generation has dealt with abortion movement bullies for decades. We’re not about to capitulate to their attempts at intimidation any time soon. And we’d welcome any of them who had a change of heart and wanted to join us on the right side of history. 

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