Catholic Church in Colorado Vandalized in SHOCKING Ways by Abortion Supporters

Abortion in the bible
Brenna Lewis - 29 Sep 2021


The staff and parishioners of Sacred Heart of Mary Catholic Church in Boulder, Colorado woke today to find their church grounds had been desecrated by a hate crime in the night by rabidly pro-abortion (and Catholic-hating) vandals.

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During the night, the vandals spray painted disgusting messages on vehicles, the exterior of the church, and various signs on the church grounds. Messages included, “Jesus Loves Abortion” and “Abort Catholicism.” They also broke windows and slashed tires.

Sacred Heart of Mary’s Youth Director, Mark Evevard, shared on Facebook:

The church has a cemetery and Memorial Wall commemorating preborn lives lost to abortion. According to the church website, “Since 1996, the ashes of approximately 5,500 aborted babies have been buried at the Memorial Wall for the Unborn located at Sacred Heart of Mary Cemetery.” The interesting and sad history of the wall can be found here.

We hope the hearts of the vandals can be softened and that if they are suffering from previous abortion experiences, that they can find healing.

Financial contributions to help Sacred Heart of Mary repair damages can be made here.


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