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Take Two: That Camera Was in the Wrong Room 

Caroline Wharton - 31 Jan 2022

The abortion lobby is lying through their teeth that Chemical Abortions are no big deal—and this falsehood was recently aired on live television in a most deceitful and despicable way. When a pro-abortion supporter took what she claimed was the first of two Chemical Abortion pills during an interview, she said it was “incredibly safe” and “extremely easy.” Let’s talk about why that stunt was just so wrong:  

First, what happened in the interview?  

While doing a live interview with Fox 2’s Charlie Langton and discussing Chemical Abortion, pro-abortion supporter Jex Blackmore took what she alleged was the first Chemical Abortion pill (mifepristone) to the apparent surprise of Langton and Rebecca Kiessling, a pro-life activist and another guest on the show. Before swallowing the pill, Blackmore stated, “I want to show you how easy it [Chemical Abortion] is and how safe it is by taking it myself.”  

She later said that this was her third abortion and tweeted out, “So, I just took an abortion pill on LIVE TV. [Fingernail painting emoji] #AbortionPillsForever.” However, if this was indeed Blackmore’s third abortion, she knows her on-camera trick was not equivalent to viewers watching her abortion. The camera would need to spend hours with her in the bathroom to capture that. 

This is false advertising—here’s why.  

If you saw a woman sitting and waiting for a surgical abortion appointment in an abortion facility’s lobby, you wouldn’t say you’ve witnessed an abortion. That’s because the abortion process hasn’t happened yet. The abortionist has yet to use sharp tools to kill the preborn child and dispose of their body.  

Likewise, when Blackmore took the first Chemical Abortion pill and gloated that she had essentially had an abortion on television, she hadn’t shown viewers anything about how Chemical Abortions really works. The simple reality of Chemical Abortions is that the pills kill the preborn child by slowly starving him or her in the womb and then induce contractions forcing the woman’s body to expel the preborn child. (Read more about Chemical Abortions HERE.) Given the gruesome reality of Chemical Abortion, we’re not surprised Blackmore only wanted the audience to see her swallowing a pill with some water.  

The true Chemical Abortion experience happens in the bathroom—nowhere else.  

Blackmore just showed us the beginning—but will she feel it acceptable to her narrative to share how her Chemical Abortion really felt and turned out? It’s not just taking a pill; Chemical Abortion is the new back-alley abortion—a forsaken mess of pain, loneliness, and uncertainty of when too much blood is just too much. For many women, the harrowing process includes seeing a fully-formed baby in the toilet

According to a former abortionist, chemical abortions induce heavy bleeding that can last for 9-16 days, and almost 10% of women can experience bleeding for more than 30 days. Women also often experience vomiting, diarrhea, headaches, abdominal pain, etc.—and many say that it is the worst pain of their lives


And to go beyond the intense pain (that women are never warned of), there are many adverse risks with Chemical Abortions. These risks include infections, hemorrhaging, undetected ectopic pregnancies, blood clots, permanent infertility, maternal death, etc.—and a new study found that Chemical Abortion risks have increased by 500%. (To learn more about the risks of Chemical Abortions, click HERE.  

There’s a lot more darkness to Chemical Abortions than merely popping a pill—but Blackmore doesn’t want you to know that. As an ally of the abortion industry, the creator of a nasty pro-abortion clothing line, and a person who wants an easy way out of her own irresponsible decisions, keeping women in the dark about Chemical Abortion is in her best interest.  

The Pro-Life Generation shouldn’t be fooled; what we saw in this interview (and at the Supreme Court on Dobbs Day) is not an example of how Chemical Abortions are safe and easy. These are merely examples of pro-abortion supporters trying to trick women into false beliefs about life-ending pills. Nice try, abortion lobby—but we won’t have the wool pulled over our eyes.  

Read about how SFLAction is fighting against Chemical Abortion HERE.  

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