Women’s Marcher in New York TEARS Phone Out of Pro-Lifer’s Hand & Throws It to the Ground

Brenna Lewis - 19 Oct 2021



On October 2nd, Women’s Marches (many re-named “Rallies for Abortion Justice,” which is a lot more honest) descended upon many cities, bringing with them overtired abortion rhetoric and even violence towards pro-life attendees. The fearless Pro-Life Generation attended the events in 24 different cities nationwide to supply a much-needed pro-life voice. In fact, just shy of 700 members of the Pro-Life Generation showed up nationwide. 

Read more about why we countered these events here. 


Click each image below (discretion advised) to see some of the signs we saw Women’s Marchers carrying… 

In Rochester, New York, SFLA’s Mariah McCarron gathered local students and community members to share the truth: abortion betrays women and women’s rights are not paid for with the blood of our children. At its essence, abortion is profoundly anti-women. Mariah shared her account of the experience… 

Women’s Marchers Ripped My Phone Out of My Hand 

“On October 2nd, 2021, the Pro-Life Generation presented our stance at 24 Women’s Marches across the country. Myself and a team of our courageous students were stationed in Rochester, NY to counter their “March & Rally for Abortion Justice.”

Together with Feminists Choosing Life of New York (FCLNY), Rochester pro-lifers marched next to the Women’s March all the way to their rally at City Hall. Our students and I were already stationed directly in front of their speakers’ podium with our “The Future is Anti-Abortion” signs and our “Rochester is Pro-Life” banner as a representation of the countless youth of today who reject abortion violence.

We were immediately met with a sea of glares and other hostility. A multitude of signs in the crowd did not make a case in favor of abortion on its own, but rather criticized the pro-life majority for assumed bigotry and intolerance. Conversation with Women’s Marchers at this event hardly went beyond their accusing us of intolerance or other verbal harassment, including schoolyard taunts about my physical appearance.

Rochester, NY

One Women’s Marcher came directly up to our banner and attempted to tear it down. Soon after, we found ourselves shrouded in a cocoon of pride flags, Black Lives Matter flags, and a multitude of pro-abortion signs as Women’s Marchers took attention and effort away from their own event to silence other women.

As I was filming my experience, others grabbed at my cell phone as they told me to “calm down” and “you’ll be fine, honey” before one of the Women’s Marchers managed to rip the phone from my hand and throw it to the ground.

We were shoved around by Women’s Marchers, to the point that a police officer intervened in our defense.

Soon after that altercation, a student’s pro-life sign was ripped from her hands by a Women’s Marcher who broke it into pieces and threw it into the crowd as other Women’s Marchers cheered.

What was most striking to me about all of these events is that the vast majority in the crowd, including our transgressors, were generations older than us. Yet these older women ridiculed us, shoved us, and attempted to steal and destroy multiple items which belonged to us.

Meanwhile, our group from Students for Life of America ranged in age from roughly 18 to 24 as we stood in a public space where we peacefully exercised our right to free speech, as confirmed by the police officer who intervened to defend us.

The fact that abortion is being paraded in the streets as “justice” is appalling. Our society has utterly failed women if any – let alone so many as we saw that day – believe that justice is the dismemberment of an innocent human being and continued failure to meet the real needs of women. We, as women, deserve so much better than the lies that the abortion industry feeds us.

Despite these sentiments, the tide is changing in America. Legislation such as the Texas Heartbeat Act and the Dobbs vs. Jackson case are setting the precedent for a post-Roe USA. Federally qualified health centers, which provide real healthcare and far more services than abortion facilities like Planned Parenthood, far outnumber said abortion facilities in the United States.

The future is truly anti-abortion. It’s no coincidence that students and young adults showed up in support of life. The youth of today – the Pro-Life Generation – reject the lies and violence of the abortion industry. We will continue to make our voices heard and build a better future for all women – born and pre-born.”

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