Meet the New Special Program Members 2021-2022  

Mary Briganti - 14 Jun 2021


This year, we have four new Special Programs (Standing With You Fellowship, TikTok Squad, SCOTUS Squad, and our Pro-Life Future Leaders) that are being introduced. These programs empower individuals to focus on their strengths in the Pro-Life Movement.  

Standing With You

Through the Standing With You Fellowship, students will not only learn how to work with their administration on changing policies on campus and Title IX rights, but they’ll receive training from speakers within the pregnancy help movement who have built their careers on empowering women to choose both their dreams and their children.

This will equip the students to change policies on their campuses to support pregnant and parenting students and leave a legacy of support on campus that will empower generations of pregnant and parenting students to come. This group will be laying the foundation for a Post-Roe America, ensuring that women know they are fully supported when they choose life for their babies. 

This Year’s Standing With You Students: 

  • Bailee Jo Brown 
  • Autumn Cramer 
  • Cathryn Baird 
  • Maria Elizabeth Garza 
  • Beatrix Stickney 
  • Annick Tankus 
  • Sierra G Stephens 
  • Carolyn White 
  • Alivia Grace Talley 

 TikTok Squad

The Students for Life TikTok Squad aims to change the culture within TikTok. More and more we see young people participating in “trends” to make jokes about abortion. Since abortion is so heavily praised on TikTok, we must be on this platform to share truth. Our students are ready to swim upstream and engage in current trends to bring light to the pro-life movement. 

This Year’s TikTok Squad Students: 

  • Evenly Lundy 
  • Kaitlyn Alexander 
  • Meghan Heiler 
  • Joshua Odutola 
  • Braedon Eckert 
  • Kat Nguyen 
  • Felipe Avila 
  • Teresa Overholser  
  • Chase Lindsey 


The SCOTUS Squad will equip both high school and college age students in the Washington, D.C. area to confidently and effectively organize and take point on Rapid Response events by the end of the program’s term. This includes but is not limited to Supreme Court hearings, mobilizations, and specialized trainings throughout the year. 

This Year’s SCOTUS Squad: 

  • Seungjae Philip Park 
  • Alyssa Rose Thoburn 
  • Andrew Jacques 
  • Aliyah Marissa Duran  
  • Therese Sanctafamilia 
  • Charles Gilbertson 

 Pro-Life Future Leaders

Through the Pro-Life Future program, these young professionals lead city-based chapters focused on community activism. They host educational events, lead political efforts, support pregnancy help centers, expose Planned Parenthood, and take proactive steps to combat the abortion industry. At the National Leaders Collective, these leaders will come together to receive specialized leadership training that they will then take back home to transform their cities!

This Year’s Pro-Life Future leaders: 

  • Violet from Western Washington Pro-Life Future 
  • Kaylyn from Orange County Pro-Life Future 
  • Isabella from Orange County Pro-Life Future 
  • Jose from Fresno Pro-Life Future 
  • Elvira from Fresno Pro-Life Future 
  • Katie from Phoenix Pro-Life Future 
  • Shane from Louisville Pro-Life Future 
  • Katie from LeHigh Valley Pro-Life Future 
  • Maria from LeHigh Valley Pro-Life Future 
  • Alex from Hartford for Life: A Pro-Life Future Chapter 
  • Michelle from Hartford for Life: A Pro-Life Future Chapter 
  • Jerry from Austin Pro-Life Future 
  • Melanie from San Antonio Pro-Life Future

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