This Summer, A Historic Gathering of Pro-Life Students Will Come Together

Brenna Lewis - 03 Jun 2021


We have come to the edge of a wave that has brought us nearly two decades of pro-life laws that have saved thousands and begun to hold the abortion industry accountable. Even with the most pro-abortion administration to date working against the pro-life movement, victory is still in sight. And this summer, Students for Life is hosting a HISTORIC, first-ever event in Washington, D.C. called the National Leaders Collective.

Students for Life of America has selected 200 pro-life student leaders to attend the National Leaders Collective, an intensive three-day training weekend unlike any other. From June 24th through June 27th, these passionate students will hear from pro-life experts in various fields about how to best abolish abortion in their communities and nationwide. Attendees will also have hands-on activism events to attend, plus time to network and build relationships with other leaders.

A record-breaking TEN different SFLA leadership initiatives will be represented at this event! Students have been selected from the following…

  • William Wilberforce Fellowship: This fellowship is for college students who are actively working in leadership with their Students for Life group on campus. Read more about the fellowship by clicking here.
  • Thaddeus Stevens Fellowship: This fellowship is for high school students who are actively involved in leadership with their Students for Life group on campus. Read more about the fellowship by clicking here.
  • Christian Leadership Fellowship: This fellowship is for Christian university students who are actively involved in their Students for Life group on campus. Read more about the fellowship by clicking here.
  • Hildegard Art Fellowship: This fellowship is designed young artist professionals who want to bridge the gap between the art world and pro-life activism. Read more about the fellowship by clicking here.
  • Invictus Men’s Fellowship: This fellowship is designed to help pro-life men support women to choose life and find their voice in a female driven movement. Read more about the fellowship by clicking here.
  • Pro-Life Future Chapter Leaders: Pro-Life Future has 23 chapters in cities across the nation to give dynamic young professionals a continued outlet for pro-life involvement, education, and activism beyond college. Read more about Pro-Life Future initiative here.
  • Student Spokespersons: This leadership initiative is for our elite leaders who are tasked with communicating the pro-life message on behalf of the Pro-Life Generation through a communications program. Read more about last year’s spokespersons here.

Plus, in addition to these leadership programs, students will also receive guidance from coordinators of three other SFLA Initiatives: Students for Life Action (our sister, political organization), Standing With You (our initiative dedicated to serving pregnant & parenting students), and SCOTUS Squad (a small dedicated team of students who go to the Supreme Court during major events).

Such a massive training event for the next generation of pro-life leaders couldn’t have better timing. 

We now have a pro-life majority on the U.S Supreme Court and we have seen victories an overhaul of our entire federal judiciary with more than 150 pro-life judicial appointments. More state pro-life laws have been introduced and passed recently than have been in decades. Public opinion continues to shift to rejecting abortion. Our movement is succeeding, and we must now prepare for Roe — the Supreme Court decision that started it all – to be reversed.

Registration for the 2021 National Leaders Collective is now closed. But if you’re a pro-life leader on your campus… don’t miss next year’s event! It just might change your life. And it’ll certainly save the lives of many others.


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