Abortion-Loving Judge WON’T Recuse Himself from Case Prosecuting Pro-Life Activists

Brenna Lewis - 26 Mar 2021


Imagine, for a moment, that you are an anti-cigarette activist and you work to expose corruption in the tobacco industry. You suspect that one of the big cigarette companies has found a way to illegally market to minors, so you go undercover and catch tobacco executives on film admitting to the crime. They are a powerful legal machine, so they take you to court after you make the evidence public. Upon starting the proceedings, you are shocked to see that the judge presiding over your case is well-known for siding with Big Tobacco, is a shareholder of the tobacco company, and an avid smoker himself.

Would you anticipate a just ruling? Probably not. In fact, this hypothetical situation would merit a hypothetical public outcry. Yet here we are, watching a parallel legal situation unfold in front of our very eyes in California with the case of David Daleiden & Planned Parenthood.

David Daleiden, upon suspicion that Planned Parenthood was illegally selling and profiting from the sale of aborted baby parts, went undercover to catch them in the act. He and his team were successful and, upon release of the initial videos in 2015, Planned Parenthood’s only stuttering, blustering response was, “tHoSe WeRe HiGhLy EdItEd!” To date, no specific claims made by Daleiden have actually been refuted by the abortion giant.

Planned Parenthood, which has just as much cash as they have blood on their hands, took this citizen journalist to court. And who should he find as the judge? None other than William Orrick. Here are a few quick facts about Judge Orrick:

  • He was nominated by Barack Obama after serving as a major donor to the Obama campaign.
  • He helped open a Planned Parenthood in San Francisco which sold fetal tissue to StemExpress, a for-profit wholesaler.
  • He has blocked over 200 hours of Daleiden’s videos from being seen.
  • He deliberately ignored expert testimony from an abortionist confirming Planned Parenthood’s wrongdoing.
  • He has suggested that he might just hold Daleiden’s case in limbo indefinitely.

Do you know what this would mean in literally any other case? That the judge is expected to recuse him/herself. NHMA notes about recusal: “In general, recusal is appropriate when an official has a conflict of interest with respect to a specific matter, or when the official is biased and cannot act impartially.” Oh, but abortion is special. In every setting in America, abortion isn’t treated like other issues. Such is the blindness to its reality or, perhaps more likely, the fear of pro-abortion bullies who threaten ruined careers & reputations for saying anything against it.

Planned Parenthood knows the videos are damning. It’s why “defamation” is very ostensibly not included in their criminal case against Daleiden’s team. This case is now six years old, and not once has Planned Parenthood refuted the content of the videos – simply that they’re angry he filmed them. No kidding. It’s shameful that this is what passes for justice in California’s legal system. A blatantly biased judge, collusion between the plaintiffs and the officials, an illegal raid on the defendant’s home, and so much more.

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