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FDA Push Back in Court against Dangerous Distribution of Chemical Abortion Drugs “Prioritizes Women’s Safety Over Abortion Industry Profits”

Kristi Hamrick - 11 Jun 2020

“A predatory abortion industry calls tests that ensure women’s safety and future fertility ‘a barrier to access’ because they just don’t want to take the time to take care of women,” said SFLA’s Kristan Hawkins.


WASHINGTON D.C. (06-11-2020) – During the coronavirus crisis, the abortion industry and its political allies have applied tremendous pressure on the FDA to get rid of health and safety standards in place designed to protect women who are sold deadly chemical abortion pills known as RU-486. The FDA requires the drugs to be handed out with medical oversight including an exam. Arguing that women should be stripped of those protections so that the pills can be sold and shipped through the mail without careful oversight, abortion advocates with the ACLU filed suit against the FDA, which this week argued in court that their efforts to maintain the medical standards should not be blocked. And the FDA argued that those who want to make a quick sale of abortion pills by mail could not claim a “close relationship” with a patient that would allow them to file a lawsuit.

“The FDA’s arguments against allowing a predatory abortion industry to get rid of health and safety standards when they have no relationship with their patients or commitment to their long-term health is just commonsense,” said Students for Life of America President Kristan Hawkins. “Allowing women to be put at risk so that abortion vendors can drop pills in the mail and walk away only helps the people trying to make a quick buck by ending life with dangerous chemicals.”

Students for Life of America recently sent a letter to the FDA, asking them to hold the line on the health and safety standards (called REMs) under attack and asking that the FDA ask for another environmental assessment of the deadly abortion causing drugs as today hundreds of thousands of aborted infants and tissue are flushed into America’s water systems.

Hawkins observes in the letter: “During the approval process for RU-486, an environmental impact study for the drugs focused on the impact of packaging for the drugs, rather than on the impact of human remains in our wastewater system and ground water. Today, with so many lives ending by such chemical abortion pills, it’s vital to reopen an inquiry into the environmental impact on our water and land as so many human beings are being flushed away. When you consider that the Environmental Protection Agency recommends against flushing tampons to preserve the environment and water safety, how much more significant is disposing of human remains through the waste water systems across America?

“As the American Academy of Family Physicians observes, “Home based health care can create medical waste which can be hazardous if not disposed properly.”

“The college students who work with us have tremendous concern about the environment, and as states such as California push forward a policy to require distribution of chemical abortion drugs on campuses, such students will be exposed to blood and human tissue in the dorms and other student housing as will those who work in school physical plants and in maintenance.

“Surely this raises concerns for the FDA, which is required under the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 to consider “the environmental impact of its actions.”

As you know, “(a)n Environmental Assessment (EA) serves to provide sufficient evidence and analysis for an agency to determine whether significant environmental impacts may occur from the proposed action. While an EA is usually prepared by the applicant (i.e., drug sponsor or feed additive petitioner), the FDA is ultimately responsible for its scope and content.” Given the increasing scope of chemical abortions, the impact on the environment of human remains in the water system should be closely evaluated.”

Students for Life of America has been educating voters and those targeted for abortions on the dangers of selling abortion pills without tests and oversight. Risks include infection, infertility and even death.

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