Planned Parenthood Uses Race Riots to Push Abortion

Brenna Lewis - 09 Jun 2020


At Planned Parenthood, there is nothing they can’t somehow relate to sex or abortion. The quickest of glances at any of their social media channels proves that point immediately.



In addition to their disturbingly rabid obsession with sex & abortion, another flagship trait of Planned Parenthood’s is their immunity to irony. When George Floyd was killed in Minneapolis on May 25th, Planned Parenthood’s public response didn’t quite align with that of Black Lives Matter or other racial justice groups.

No, Planned Parenthood right away started spouting off nonsense that this issue that sparked the race riots really has to do with abortion. They literally jumped on a police brutality issue and tried to commandeer it to serve the abortion lobby.

Planned Parenthood is expert at parasitically latching onto other movements in order to sell abortion (check out Subverted: How I helped the Sexual Revolution Hijack the Women’s Movement). But a billion-dollar organization that was created to eliminate African-Americans using birth control… now trying to hijack the Black Lives Matter movement to sell more abortion… to Black people?

Already, the abortion industry:

  • sets up most of its abortion facilities in Black communities
  • is the number one killer of Black people
  • has caused the Black population to drop below replacement rate (i.e. more Black people are now aborted than born alive, leading to a decrease in total population size)

So… why Planned Parenthood thinks they have any sort of authority or room to speak on issues of racial justice is an enigma. Or why they think they’re in any position to condemn violence, for that matter. We’re fairly confident that they’re quite comfortable with violence, given the nature of their business.

The moral of the story? Abortion is so ugly, unattractive, and unsavory that it has to exist as a social parasite. It’s only been able to embed itself into American society to the level that it has by attaching itself to other issues. When abortion is forced to stand by itself… the pro-life movement sees victory. 


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