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Students For Life Criticizes FX’s Portrayal Of Norma McCorvey

Brenna Lewis - 19 May 2020

Kristan Hawkins, president of Students for Life of America, released this statement today, commenting on the new documentary featuring Norma McCorvey.

“Norma always spoke with passion about her pro-life convictions, which represented a huge and public shift from how she had been seen for so long. I believe the woman that I personally knew who lived a painful and complicated life, but spoke directly about how she felt about it. And I also don’t believe that Fx is a good actor, when you consider that earlier this year, they went after the iconic Phyllis Schlafly. Tearing down pro-life champions won’t work for those of us who have had the privilege of knowing the real people behind the headlines.”

Kristan Hawkins had previously met Norma McCorvey.

Pro-lifers have been criticizing FX and the documentary for falsely portraying McCorvey as someone who wasn’t really pro-life.


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