Submit a Video

For the Wall Street Journal's New Snapchat Show

Calling the Pro-Life Generation! 

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) has reached out to Students for Life of America looking for some video submissions for their new Snapchat show, Future View. There will likely be many pro-choice videos submitted as well... so it's important to ensure the Pro-Life Gen's voice is heard. Videos must be submitted to WSJ by the end of the workday this Friday, May 27th - so make sure to read the following directions and film your video soon!

Here’s how you can submit a video to share your thoughts on their Roe v. Wade episode...

Answer the following questions:

  1. Should the right to an abortion be decided by states?
  2. Are you pro-choice, pro-life, or neither? Why? 
  3. Who should have a say in the abortion debate? 
  4. Do you think there are exceptions? 
  5. Why do you think abortion was legalized initially? 

Follow these rules:

  1. Film all your videos vertically (selfie-style) in 5 minutes or less.
  2. Choose a well-lit background that is free from external noise.
  3. Avoid wearing or having any visible logos in the background. 
  4. Dress casually.
  5. Make sure you introduce yourself, your school, if you’re a Students for Life leader, and why you’re pro-life.
  6. Upload your files HERE, using this naming format: Full Name_School_Topic (ex. Jane Doe_NYU_Do Billionaires Have Too Much Money) 


Here are some helpful SFLA resources you can use to help guide your thoughts:


Feel free to email [email protected] with any questions. Thanks for participating in this fun opportunity. The Pro-Life Gen must make our voices heard everywhere there is a dialogue about abortion!