Almost Aborted: Micaella’s Story 

Jordan Estabrook - 05 Jul 2024

Micaella was born alive during a failed abortion attempt. Her story has been filled with trials and challenges, but now she uses her story to speak out for the voiceless. 

As a part of Students for Life of America’s (SFLA) six-figure national messaging campaign, ALMOST ABORTED, Micaella shares her story of being born alive after a botched abortion, bouncing from countless foster homes, and overcoming health challenges. Sharing their story alongside Micaella are other courageous individuals, including Faith, Rebecca, Josiah, Angela, Lily, Hope, and Mia.  


Growing up, she lived in 36 foster homes by the time she turned six. She knew nothing of her birthparents or why she suffered several unexplained health conditions in her heart, lungs, and spine. When she was adopted at six years old, she spent years trying to learn more about her origins. It wasn’t until she was 35 years old when she learned the full truth about her life. And now, she’s speaking out about the value of her life and countless others. 

“My biological mother was a migrant farm worker who likely didn’t have health care…and an aspiration vacuum was allegedly used in a failed attempt to suck my body out,” said Micaella during her video. “But instead, I was born alive during the procedure. They rushed my mother and I to the hospital. She brought my older brother along, only to leave suddenly and abandon us both there.” 

Though Micaella has forgiven and loves her mother, she still works through the complicated emotions.  



I do get angry sometimes,” admits Micaella. “I’m angry when I hear abortion supporters say women are only pregnant with ‘a clump of cells.’ My body wasn’t a clump of cells – it was me.”

In their video testimony, she knows staying silent isn’t in the cards, and she hopes her story inspires women to choose life and those with a similar story see the value in their lives and how they can also make a difference.  

“This is my story, and I can’t change it. I don’t believe God wants me to stay silent,” says Micaella. “If I can reach out to a woman in need and save a life in the womb, I will continue to speak out.” 

To hear more stories of those walking among us who were Almost Aborted, visit Almost Aborted | Pressured but not Persuaded. 

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