Peaceful Pro-Lifer and Father of 11 Receives NO Jail Time After Biden’s Weaponized Department of Justice Prosecuted Him for Alleged FACE Act Violations  

Jordan Estabrook - 02 Jul 2024

“Biden’s Department of Justice (DOJ) has abused their discretion in going after Americans not based on what they do, but how they think. This includes six pro-life individuals who were unjustly prosecuted for singing hymns and praying, which today lands them in federal prison,” said Students for Life of America’s (SFLA) Kristan Hawkins. “Consider that in America, squatters can basically steal an entire house and pro-terrorist protestors can keep students from getting the education they are paying for…and nothing happens. The issue isn’t really about blocking ‘access.’ It’s about who is doing the blocking. Viewpoint discrimination is all over the FACE Act cases, as arsonists and vandals who attacked peaceful pro-life pregnancy care centers go free while pro-life Americans face prison time. As a nation, we must not become desensitized to blatant abuse of power, especially from an entity controlled by Biden’s abortion-loving administration.”

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WASHINGTON D.C. (07-02-2024) – Paul Vaughn, father of 11 and one of six pro-lifers convicted in the alleged FACE Act violations of singing and praying at a Tennessee abortion facility, was sentenced to three years of supervised release, avoiding prison time in what SFLA President Kristan Hawkins called “evidence of a naked and cruel bias towards peaceful, faith-motivated pro-lifers while tolerating, and even praising, those who vandalize and cause violence nationwide.” Vaughn is represented by the Thomas More Society and plans to appeal his conviction. According to the Thomas More Society’s press release, “Four additional defendants who took part in the peaceful pro-life demonstration were separately convicted of misdemeanor violations of the FACE Act.” 

“Biden’s DOJ prosecution of a pro-life father and pro-life advocates instead of prosecuting real domestic terrorists tells you everything you need to know about their priorities.” stated Hawkins. 

“For his witness to life, the FBI raided Paul’s home at gunpoint in front of his wife and children, then brought down the full weight of United States government to prosecute Paul,” said Steve Crampton, Thomas More Society Senior Counsel and attorney for Paul Vaughn, in a news release. “We will continue to advocate tirelessly for pro-lifers like Paul, to make sure that the FACE Act is never again weaponized by the Department of Justice against its ideological opponents.”

This isn’t the first-time government agencies have oppressed the pro-life men and women by abusing the Clinton-era FACE Act.  Here are a few examples, including one from an SFLA staff member:   

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