Almost Aborted: Terri and Hope’s Story

Jordan Estabrook - 28 Jun 2024

Hope is the survivor of an attempted abortion at just 10 and a half weeks.  

As a part of Students for Life of America’s (SFLA) six-figure national messaging campaign, ALMOST ABORTED, mother and daughter family Terri and Hope share a powerful story of abortion survival and family. They also share their almost-aborted story alongside courageous individuals, including Faith, Rebecca, Josiah, Angela, and Lily.  


Hope was born about two months early; like most premature babies, she was tiny. But what was especially unusual upon Hope’s arrival was the considerable injury to her head… from Hope’s forehead back to her right ear, both her scalp and skull had been cut away, leaving jagged open edges and parts of her brain exposed.  Hope’s injuries were caused by abortion instruments when she was just 10 and a half weeks old in her mother’s womb. 

So many people look at Hope’s condition and use it as a reason to push for more abortion, but that couldn’t be further from the message families need,” said Terri in the video. “All life is valuable, and all people are created equally.” 



Hope’s life has tremendously blessed her family and all those around her, as Hope calls herself a “friend to all.” Abortion supporters claim Hope would be better off aborted, but her life proves otherwise.  

Hope survived what 2,363 babies don’t survive every day in our country,” said Terri. “The scar on her head reminds us of how God spared her life. Her scar gives evidence of what is done in secret, evidence of the suffering children endure during abortions.” 

To hear more stories of those walking among us who were Almost Aborted, visit Almost Aborted | Pressured but not Persuaded. 

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