WATCH: CNN Host Mansplains & Dismisses Infertility Complications from Chemical Abortion Pills to Mother of Four Before Sprinting to a Break  

Jordan Estabrook - 27 Jun 2024

Maybe CNN Anchor Jim Acosta needs a lesson on how to let his guests speak. Students for Life of America (SFLA) President Kristan Hawkins is the second guest now in a viral moment in just a week’s time as a CNN anchor cut off conversation when someone told the truth or espoused a different viewpoint than held by the last remaining staff at the dwindling network. 

For a walk down bad memory lane, you might recall that Acosta was the reporter who wrestled a microphone away from a young female media aide when he wanted to berate President Trump during a news conference …. leading to his loss of a White House press pass. For Acosta, people getting a chance to answer his questions is optional it seems.

Acosta’s bias and hostility to those he is speaking with led to this headline in The Atlantic: Jim Acosta’s Dangerous Brand of Performance Journalism.  

And his antics continue.  

CNN invited Hawkins to do a pro-life reaction to the U.S. Supreme Court EMTALA decision. Still, Acosta was less interested in hearing what Hawkins, who’s immersed in the pro-life movement AND a mother of four, had to say and was more interested in browbeating his pro-abortion point of view. Or, as some would call it, “mansplaining.”  

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When Acosta asked Hawkins for her reaction to the decision, she replied:   

“The GOP needs to take note. The Biden administration continues to make the case to weaponize federal agencies to make abortion a federal issue. But we also see a silver lining in this decision today. If Idaho, while this is tragic, saying Idaho must allow for abortions to prevent infertility, future infertility, the FDA must now change its policy too to do the same.”   

 “Given their no-test online distribution scheme of Chemical Abortion Pills, which we know harm women’s future fertility, as 15%  of women of our population are RH negative, and there is no testing now because of the Biden administration and their FDA on these dangerous chemical abortion pills that she’s having these pill abortions, She’s not being tested for RH negative status —”  

Acosta jumped in to parrot a common pro-abortion talking point. “Haven’t the experts said that mifepristone is safe for women to use?”   

 “Ask any woman who’s RH negative,” Hawkins replied.  

Again, Acosta said, “But haven’t the experts said —”   

 “Ask any woman who’s RH negative. Ask any woman,” she tried to continue. “Excuse me? Ask someone who’s been pregnant, sir! When you’re pregnant, one of the first things they do is they test for RH negative status. Because if you have a miscarriage, if you give birth —”   

“No, Miss Hawkins —” Acosta interrupted.  

“If you get in an accident —” Hawkins began. “If you have an abortion, you have to be treated immediately.”  

“I’m sorry, mifepristone has been proven to be safe,” said Acosta. “It’s been that way for years. But thank you for coming on. We appreciate it,”   

“No, it actually hasn’t —” Hawkins tried to explain before Acosta gave her the silent treatment and cut to a commercial break.   

Regardless of the pro-abortion media not giving the pro-life movement a fair shake to state our case, interactions like this only prove what we’ve been saying: They’re biased toward facts and statistics about the harms of abortion to women and their preborn children.   

We reached out after the show to say we would come back on the show with a speaking role, rather than as an audience to Acosta’s mansplaining. Stay tuned!  

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