President Trump & GOP: Abortion IS Federal. Check Out the Supreme Court’s Decision that Allows Federal Agencies to Force Abortion into States’ Emergency Rooms

Kristi Hamrick - 27 Jun 2024

“The key issue here is not that the case is sent back to one of the most liberal appellate courts in America where abortion will likely be embraced; it’s that this proves abortion is federal. In this decision, the Supreme Court’s reluctance to overrule a federal law means that our next U.S. President and Congress must end the weaponization of federal policy in favor of abortion,” said Students for Life Action President Kristan Hawkins. “But beware abortion lobby. The Supreme Court expressed concern with things that impact women’s fertility – and the No Test, Online Distribution of Chemical Abortion Pills set up by THREE Democratic Party Presidents risks women’s fertility every day.”

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WASHINGTON D.C. (06-27-2024) –Students for Life Action (SFLAction) President Kristan Hawkins expressed disappointment in the decision by the U.S. Supreme Court in State of Idaho v. United States,which centers around a regulation called EMTALA — the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act –designed to require hospitals to stabilize all patients in the emergency room, regardless of their ability to payAccording to an NIH published report: “In July 2022, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) issued guidance to clarify that EMTALA requires abortion…despite contrary state laws” — also claiming that federal law trumped state laws on abortion. (emphasis added). Biden’s HHS is forcing states that respect preborn life to commit abortions in emergency rooms.  

Hawkins continued: “States have every right to treat TWO patients in an emergency room when a pregnant mother comes in for help, but by inserting the issues of ambiguous ‘health’ and infertility possibilities, the law is being stretched in favor of abortion.

“An additional outrage is that, once again, the noble traditions of the U.S. Supreme Court are violated by people inside the high court itself. Did the Dobbs leaker ‘accidentally’ post the EMTALA decision early? And will we see the Department of Justice so obsessed with putting a grandmother in federal prison for praying near an abortion vendor do something about these security breaches?”

ONE SILVER LINING: In the leaked decision, the following line is an example of the discussion that offers a path forward for those opposed to No Test, Online Distribution of Chemical Abortion Pills as set up by the Biden-Harris Administration. In looking at the difference between Idaho’s view and the federal government, it’s noted: “What falls in the gap between them are cases in which continuing a pregnancy does not put a woman’s life in danger, but still place her at risk of grave health consequences, including loss of fertility.”

 “Biden’s FDA set up No Test, Online Distribution of Chemical Abortion Pills, which expose women to injury, infertility, and death, as well as empowers abusers. And this deadly scheme results in chemically tainted blood, placenta tissue, and human remains being flushed into America’s waterways. Hospitals and abortion vendors don’t have that federal permission. We see a path forward for the legal action Students for Life of America is already pursuing,” said Hawkins.


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“It takes a particularly cold heart to take a law that requires healthcare for poor people to demand death by intentional abortion,” said Hawkins. “Pregnancy is not a disease cured by abortion, and this offensive attack on state’s rights shows that Joe Biden’s team will abuse any program to ensure more preborn infants die by intentional abortion. Again, Take note, Republicans: Abortion is federal, as clearly seen in abortion-loving agencies pushing death as their favorite policy.”

Students for Life has been active at the Supreme Court this year (and every year.) Read more about what we witnessed during the EMTALA arguments here: What EMTALA Hearing Taught Me About Pro-Abortion Advocates – They Don’t Know What They’re Protesting

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