Students for Life of America Announces the 2023 – 2024 Group of the Year Award Winners

Jordan Estabrook - 26 Jun 2024

During a ceremony at the National Leaders Collective kickoff weekend on Sunday, June 23, Students for Life of America (SFLA) announced its 2023 – 2024 Group of the Year award winners — and we’re excited to publicly share the exciting news and their hard work serving the pro-life movement and mothers and their children. Read below to find out which of the group nominees were chosen as ‘best’ in their categories:   

Standing With You Group of the Year Winner: Students for Life at Florida International University (Miami, FL)  

Students for Life at Florida International University was recently founded in the spring of 2022. Growing to around 100 group members, they seize almost every SFLA opportunity, including hosting SFLA President Kristan Hawkins on campus. They care deeply about serving women on campus and in their community.  

This group started an incredibly successful baby supply pantry in September. They have collected over 11,000 diapers and nearly 400 packages of baby wipes, baby shampoo, bottles, formula, and feminine products. To make this possible, they have received over $2,500 in donations from students and community members who support their work.   

They also demonstrated their commitment to spreading awareness of pregnancy resources in their community by flyering in local neighborhoods and starting a Campaign for Abortion Free Cities in Miami, Florida.  

Click HERE to read more about this student group.   

College Group of the Year: Students for Life at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill (Chapel Hill, NC)  

First founded in 2007, Students for Life at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill has 10 members and is currently growing. Their size doesn’t stop them from having an impact. Through the last year, they’ve navigated leadership transitions and a period of growth, but they regularly table, partner with other campus organizations, and strive to grow in every way they can. 

This small but mighty group has fought through immense backlash and legal issues. They were spit at while chalking on campus, and their school tried to charge them nearly $4,000 in security fees to host Hawkins’ speaking tour. Thankfully, due to this group’s tenacity and with help from SFLA’s legal counsel, the school dropped all security fees.  

They also launched a project to inspect and catalog lactation rooms around campus to advertise the support available to women better. Upon investigation, they determined that these facilities were not adequately serving pregnant and parenting students. To supplement the support offered by the school, this group took it upon themselves to establish their Student-Parent Association to help pregnant and parenting students on their campus.    

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New Group of the Year: Our Lady of Guadalupe’s Students for Life (Cary, NC)  

Starting in September 2023 and composed of young pro-life individuals from around the Raleigh, North Carolina, area, Our Lady of Guadalupe’s Students for Life humbly began with a handful of passionate homeschooled students and has since exploded to over 54 student members, including homeschooled students and those from local public, private, and Catholic schools.  

They are dedicated to educating, recruiting, and mobilizing local youth to become active members of the Pro-Life Generation through regular tabling at area churches, speaking at youth groups, advertising in bulletins, appearing on local Catholic radio stations, and partnering with Respect Life ministries at local churches.  

This group even helped create and prepare the “Through His Eyes” program, an original six-week program designed to teach children ages five to 11 the value and dignity of human life.  

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High School Group of the Year: East Valley Students for Life (Chandler, AZ)  

East Valley Students for Life was founded in August of 2022 after the reversal of Roe. These hard-working students started by volunteering with their local Pregnancy Care Center (PRC). They continued trying new things to further their outreach, such as chalking and informational meetings. The students continue to see the need to advocate for the preborn as their president realized he lived less than a mile from a Planned Parenthood. They now do sidewalk counseling to help reach women in crisis pregnancies with their 30 members.  

This group is one of the most involved SFLA groups when it comes to Decline to Sign efforts to stop abortion extremism from being on the ballots in Arizona. They have given up over 10 of their Saturdays to stand outside farmers’ markets to inform voters about the dangerous ballot initiative in Arizona. They have gone door-knocking multiple times in their community to courageously speak with voters about their stances on abortion and proposed legislation, and they frequently chalk outside of Planned Parenthood.   

Additionally, they raised $4,500 to take 11 members to the National Pro-Life March and National Pro-Life Summit in Washington, D.C., this past January. 

Click HERE to read more about this student group.   

SFLA is proud of these hardworking student groups that have taken the pro-life mission to their community to make abortion unavailable and unthinkable. Through their dedication through the thick and thin, they have made their communities more pro-life. We can’t wait to see what they’ll be up to next year!    

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