Birth of White Buffalo Fulfills Native American Environmental Prophecy: Time to Act on Abortion Pollution 

Jordan Estabrook - 17 Jun 2024

The white water buffalo is right about the environment being in danger – will abortion and environmental activists listen?  

No, we’re not talking about the White Buffalo band (though their song made one of the greatest UFC super fight promos ever made), but rather the culturally significant and prophecy-fulfilling birth of a rare white buffalo. Earlier this month, its birth in Yellowstone National Park’s Lamar Valley fulfilled an age-old Lakota Native American prophecy about the importance of protecting the environment and heeding caution of not properly stewarding it. Chief Arvol Looking Horse, spiritual leader of the Lakota, Dakota, and Nakota Oyate tribes, explained its birth as a sign of a brighter future but a warning about neglecting the environment.  


“The birth of this calf is both a blessing and warning,” said Chief Arvol Looking Horse to The Associated Press. “We must do more.” 

Looking Horse speaks Students for Life of America’s (SFLA) language. Oil and chemical spills, sewage drains, and wildfires are common and agreed-upon contaminants. One of the most overlooked, but hopefully not for long, pollutants infiltrating and threatening the animals and people in our environment are Chemical Abortion Pills. Just as increased oil use is tracked, so should Chemical Abortion Pills, which are on the rise as mail-in abortion and over the counter (OTC) options become more accessible to unassuming women, minors, and sexual predators.  

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Chemical Abortion Pills are often taken in the “comfort” of women’s homes, as some pro-abortion TikTokers claim, but the experience is more of a reality horror show. Not only does it not feel like a “bad period,” but the first drug of the two-part regimen, mifepristone, starves and kills the baby and causes blood clots, shakes, fever, and more in the mother. After the baby dies, the second drug expels the child from the womb to the toilet, only to be flushed down into a watery, disgusting grave.  

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If that’s not horrifying enough, the babies’ remains, fetal tissue, and blood contain PFAS, also known as “forever chemicals,” contaminate America’s drinking water.  

SFLA isn’t deceived by the mainstream narrative. We’ve been boldly proclaiming and warning of the dangers the white buffalo symbolizes. We’re grateful Oklahoma Sen. Marco Rubio and Oklahoma Rep. Josh Brecheen have followed our lead by demanding that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) track mifepristone and take the environment seriously. Instead, they play political games, bowing to the pro-abortion lobby while appeasing the public by tracking “forever chemicals” through a new national standard, all while leaving out Chemical Abortion Pills. 

Sen. Rubio and Rep. Brecheen, and all the other representatives who signed on, challenged the EPA with facts, not political agendas, writing:   

 “The full impact of mifepristone has never been sufficiently studied. When the FDA approved the drug in 2000, it relied on a 1996 environmental assessment that failed to consider that human fetal remains and the drug’s active metabolites would be making their way into wastewater systems across the U.S. Any studies that have been conducted in the past should be repeated and updated to reflect the fact that the drug is far more prevalent today than it was three decades ago. In addition, the EPA should study the impact of the “byproducts” of mifepristone, such as the placental tissue, fetal remains, and active metabolites that are being flushed into our nation’s wastewater system.”   

Months before that, SFLA sent a legal analysis to EPA, which was followed up by another letter to Congress co-signed by 40 other pro-life leaders, stating the following:   

“As there is no mandatory national abortion data collected by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) nor is there consistent data regarding adverse outcomes by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the full scope of mifepristone use is poorly tracked. As such, data on the scope of any environmental hazard is also limited.  

“However, the scope of potential environmental contamination is likely on the rise, when considering that three-quarters of abortions in Europe are committed with Mifepristone pills, according to the New York Times. Elsewhere, the percentage is even higher, as an NIH report notes that countries like Finland use Mifepristone pills 97.7% of the time, and in Sweden, the pills are used more than 96.4% of the time.” 

Additionally, SFLA submitted an amicus brief in support of the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) in the Food and Drug Administration et al. v. Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine, which the U.S. Supreme Court recently remanded. Hopefully, next time, the case will have a more environmental focus.  

We’ve sounded the alarms, and so has the white buffalo. Maybe it should be our new mascot.  

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