ALMOST ABORTED Launches in New York Times Square 

Jordan Estabrook - 10 Jun 2024

Abortion-loving Democrats want you to believe abortion is necessary, and they’re willing to spend millions of dollars to prove it.  

$200 million, actually.  

This summer, Students for Life of America (SFLA) is punching back with an offensive and national messaging campaign, ALMOST ABORTED, against the abortion industry’s $200 million advertising campaign. SFLA’s six-figure campaign, including billboards and digital ads, targets key battle ground states: Florida, Nebraska, South Dakota, Missouri, and Arizona. The launch took place in New York’s Times Square, with a digital billboard lighting up America’s most famous plaza.  

WATCH THE COMPLETE LIVESTREAM HERE: Almost Aborted Times Square Kickoff  

Speakers at the kickoff event in NYC included SFLA President Kristan Hawkins, as well as six abortion survivors, pressured to abort, or post-abortive parents: 

  • Rebecca Kiessling: “I was conceived in rape, but my life matters. Hear my story at AlmostAborted.Life/Rebecca.” 
  • Melissa Ohden: “I was Almost Aborted via a saline infusion abortion in 1977. Hear my story at AlmostAborted.Life/Melissa.”
  • Tina Whittington: “When I was 20 weeks pregnant, my OB/GYN told me to abort my daughter because she might have Down Syndrome. Hear my story at AlmostAborted.Life/Tina.”
  • Cara & Mia Armstrong: “Thirteen years ago, when I, Cara, was pregnant with Mia, a doctor told me that there was a higher-than-normal chance that my baby would be born with Down Syndrome. Hear my story at AlmostAborted.Life/CaraandMia.”
  • Micaella Clay: “I was born alive during a failed abortion attempt. Hear my story at AlmostAborted.Life/Micaella.”
  • Tommy Kearns: “My daughter, Clementine, was aborted despite my pleas. Hear my story at AlmostAborted.Life/Clementine.” 


“ALMOST ABORTED is the campaign that the pro-life movement has been waiting for,” said Hawkins during her speech. “To fight against the lies, coercion, and the fear tactics of the abortion industry.” 

Rebecca Kiessling spoke out about how life protecting laws make a difference and saved her life when her mother was raped and almost chose abortion.  

“She backed out (of abortion) because the law protected me,” Kiessling said boldly. “To be clear, I wasn’t lucky – I was protected. Legality matters. I owe my birth to legislators that mine was a life worth saving.” 

Mia Armstrong, born with Down syndrome, proved abortion-supporting doctors wrong by not only thriving and speaking out for those with Down syndrome, but making her mark in the entertainment space.  

“She (doctor) discriminated against me before I was even born,” Armstrong said. “Well doctor, it turns out, I’m an actress, I’m a model, I am the first child with Down syndrome to voice over a cartoon – it’s on Netflix. My character, Eon, is a superhero with Down syndrome. It’s pretty perfect, because Down syndrome is my superpower.” 

Sadly, millions of babies are still aborted in the United States and Tommy Kearns is one of the fathers who lost his beautiful daughter to abortion. He also shared his story with SFLA and for the entire nation through ALMOST ABORTED. He describes his love for his daughter and the tragic way she died that the abortion industry is all too willing to hide. He spoke it loudly and bravely in Times Square.  

“Over a phone call in two days, Clementine’s mother was coerced into not just an abortion, but to giving Clemetine’s body for fetal research experiments, prioritizing financial gain over patient care,” Kearns explained. “The nurses and doctors skipped inducing fetal demise on the first day to keep Clementine alive, ensuring her organs and tissues remained viable for the second day. A doctor and trainee killed my little girl to use her as a lesson on how to kill other babies.”  

There are so many more stories like these that deserve the light of day and need to be said, and this campaign is just the beginning of spreading the truth about abortion. The campaign will include digital outreach and will be available for sponsorship in other states throughout the campaign cycle, with 14 stories will be released by the end of the summer. 

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